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The game download every time I open it

when I open the game to play it … it always required in-game download (538mb) . and I have more than 9GB free in the device storage. Any one can help ??:cry::cry:

Hey Dark_Uchiha, could you try going into your app store and see if you have the game updated to the latest version? If you have auto updates turned off, you’ll need to update the game from the store manually.

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yes its 1.40.16 version … I forgot to tell you that its show me this error message …Screenshot_20190423-231514 …I hope you can help me :cry:

Try restarting your device, then relaunch the game and see if that works. If your device has an SD Card, go into your App Settings to find Rise of Berk, and then tap the Storage option to move it to your SD Card. If you’re still having issues after doing that, our support team might be able to provide some further troubleshooting if you reach out to them here at

There is no answer

Hey Dark_Uchiha, depending on your issue, it could take some time for our team to get back to you. However, once our team gets a chance to review your ticket, they’ll try to respond as soon as they can.

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Me to I have that problem
Everytime i open the game i found that

And i download files again Please fix that

Thanks for this information. It is useful

Do you have enough available space? I’ve never seen that warning message; it sure appears that the game believes you don’t have enough space, which is why it has to download every time.

Maybe attach a screen shot of your device’s “storage” settings?

I have also been having the same problem with my game, everyday it downloads 589 mb of data

Hey there Arush_Sharma, sorry that you’re experiencing this issue with your game loading. Please contact our support team at with your support key and screen shot! This will help our team obtain more information about the problem so we could solve it. Thank you for reaching out to us! As a heads up, avoid sending multiple tickets as it may prolong the time it takes to receive a response. Hope this helps!

Ok but they can fix this problem