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The game forced me to use google play and now I lost everything

So I was trying to do friendly challenges and it kept saying I had to connect to my goggle play account, but even when I connected to google play it would say the same thing. Before I was connected using Facebook.

After a couple of days I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling again, and now it won’t even let me sign in using Facebook, which is the account with all my progress, and it’s forcing me to sign in with Google Play and start the whole game over?? Please help :frowning:

Hey elany_Brent, I’m sorry that happened. Once you’re in the game, could you go into the in-game Settings menu and see if Google Play is connected? If so, tap on the Google Play button, and that should disconnect you and send you back to the main menu, from there, you should be able to reconnect to Facebook.

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