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The game has become unplayable

This is ridiculous.
Let’s start with alpha: I wanted to battle the alpha, but there is no alpha, so I had to restart the game (1). Then I pressed start battle, an error occured (2). So next time, it loaded to 1/3 and then there is another error (3), loading 3/5 - another (4). It went to 5/5, I thought: finally!, and there is yet another error (5). After all those, the battle started and after some moves the error occured again! (6), this time it took energy without giving any score as a bonus.
So after 6 errors in a row, I have 2 more energy left. And the cycle begins again.

So I’m already annoyed, I went to play arena instead:
Find opponent button is greyed out, I’m restarting the game (7). After the restart, the button is green, bit it latches and nothing happens, so I restart again (8), then the reroll doesn’t work (9), then “start battle” (10), then revenge is grayed out in every opponent (11), then it’s green, but doesn’t do anything (12).

Any combination of those errors appears for each energy. At this point annoyed isn’t strong enough a word.
And all of these are already on top of many other bugs that were reported and NOTHING HAPPENED to fix it!
It’s unacceptable.


I’m sorry that you were having those issues in the game, TaqaTam. Could I ask you to contact our support team at with your support key if you haven’t already, so our team can try and make things right for you?

Thank you!


Yup, this update is sooooooo glitchy. :frowning:


@Ned, will all the issues be fixed, if I contact support? Because it’s the only option that would make things right

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I agree…completely unplayable…FAIL

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