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The game has changed and got worse

  • after each stupid update, the game surprises me.*
    firstly, how can you change the parameters of dinosaurs so often, if people spend so much effort to pump them?deaco, smilidon & other

the game has become darker and darker

meaning has ceased to be invested in drawings of new characters, you are too lazy or already lacking imagination, a new mirage and deer - how could stupidly attach spikes to a deer?

the game still freezes 100 times a day, dinosaurs disappear from under the nose when you followed him under the area! (

horrible hybrids made the beautiful world of the jurassic park a fantasy space game

Godzilla orcs and spiderman are missing

the first dinosaur pictures are the best, but you scored on them and did the hell knows what

the dinosaurs you need on the street can no longer be found

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