The game in Alive#3: Carnoraptor

Carnoraptor: Carnotaurus+Pyroraptor

Parents stats and moves

Screenshot_2020-03-24-12-05-13-043_ca.imatt.JWAFieldGuide Screenshot_2020-03-24-12-04-46-151_ca.imatt.JWAFieldGuide


  • 3300
  • 3400
  • 3500
  • 3600

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  • 1000
  • 1100
  • 1200

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  • 126
  • 127
  • 128

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Moves set
Base move:

  • Vulnerability strike
  • Distraction
  • Cleansing strike
  • Shielded strike

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Second move:

  • Pounce
  • Cleansing impact
  • Precise pounce

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Third move:

  • Distracting impact
  • Short defense
  • Long defense

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Fourth move:

  • Impact and run
  • Rampage and run
  • Instant distraction
  • Hit and run

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Counter attack:

  • Rending counter (0.25)
  • Greater rending counter (0.33)
  • Minor rending counter(0.2)

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Immune to decel:

  • Yes
  • No

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The survey is ended. What do you think it?


According to me, Carnoraptor and Alloraptor are almost the same (in appearance) soo…yeah

I don’t think Carnoraptor would need an automatic-swap move, none of its parents have it.

Yes, but is an Hybrids, carno and purrassa haven’t distraction, but purutaurus have instant distraction. And this isn’t OP.

I’m not saying it’s OP, I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense.
Instant Distraction makes sense kit-wise on counter-attackers in general, but yes, Ludia took some creative liberty with that one.

It’s still encouraged to stick to the parents’ abilities, with as few deviations as possible. An automatic-swap move on Carnoraptor isn’t prohibited, but it just doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t help with the kit, and it doesn’t have any lore or real reason behind it.


Id go with vulnerability, Precise Punce, Distracting Impact and Long Protection

Purra got nothing Purrasaurus actually, very disappointing hybrid technically

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I think it should have short defense or some shielding move instead of impact and run.
Impact and Run doesn’t really make any sense, and since it’s coming from carno, it should probably have a shield move.
Also isn’t immune to decel a little OP if it already has cleansing strike? Imo raptors should still be able to be countered by tanks, unless they are specifically chomper raptors like alloraptor.

I kinda hope Alloraptor gets a hybrid with Carnotaurus, but Pyroraptor is ok.

Alloraptor is like the special raptor, but Carnoraptor is more like the good one. I just wish they stopped just randomly mixing moves for hybrids, and instead actually gave moves that complimented each other, like with Spinoconstrictor.

Honestly, Carnoraptor could always be a superhybrid for Alloraptor and Carnotaurus, or they could make Carnoraptor, then make a hybrid that looks like Alloraptor, but instead of Allosaurus gen 2, they use Carnoraptor.

  • Yes
  • No

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Allosaurus gen 2 could instead have a hybrid with something else, like Suchotator.