The game is BROKEN - Does anyone even care !?


Listen up for once and for all!


Players have written this for weeks now!

Someone need to start listening:

All of this in 1 week and TONS OF MORE.

Is this game even the same anymore?


You forgot a few.

But good point

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Does Magna agree with you? He says “Yeah!!”


I’ll keep playing till Harry Potter, Wizards Unite comes out. Then I’ll get into that one and just pop back here now and then to see what’s new. I’ll slow down to just doing strike towers in range and won’t bother with the PvP any more.

I’m ready for something new anyway. Me and my wife will just have to figure our what we are going to do with our alliance but we’ll see what happens if most go to try out this new game.

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It’s not beyond repair, but i honestly do think that the “glory days” of JWA were the pre 1.7 days.

Many, many fond memories at least. :heart_eyes:


I found the post that Ludia is listening to…

Before 1.7 hit it sat above 200 on that chart… galaxy data shows population is up despite all these posts about people quiting.

It might be a different game… but its healthier then it was 4 months ago too…


I was thinking earlier of the ones that have quit that were appreciated here and the ones from my alliance that weren’t active in the forum. It’s a huge bummer that a game maker made it less than fun. I sure hope it is fixable. I stayed employed at a place that was in business 40+ years until the end of the auction so going to wait it out.


I started it up just now, game works fine. I dunno what you’re talkin about :smirk:

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One thing you should most likely consider is what most are hoping will get fixed… is not something that needs fixed.

Match making needs fixed.

Boosts are 100% working as intended.

Developers dont tend to look at figures see they have moved 70 spots upwards. And say ok how do we fix this.

I’m ok with the boosts, wasn’t at first though, not at all. All of our opinions have been voiced. Matchmaking is definately the main issue now.


The bump was people buying cash to buy boosts when they were available but I foresee a big bump downward when Wizards Unite comes out. Being similar, it will attract players from this game.

I’m sure the game creators understand people won’t play the one game forever and come out with new similar ones to keep the same people/customers. You would think Niantic is competing with itself with a similar to PoGo game but turn over in games is fast so they want those getting tired of PoGo to try a similar but different game to keep their same customers.

This game got some PoGo players like I was at one point. I love this running around out side. Tiring of this one, I’m ready for the next one to get me out and about.

That and the big sale they had last week. I’m sure many players jumped on that to convert into coins at a discount. There won’t be another sale for a while now so check the sales position in about a week. At some point the crash of “29” is just around the corner.

Except rural players… nothing Ive read shows niantic is diverging from their points of intrest formula they used in pogo.

I can dart over 50 dinos and spin 30-40 stops in the time it takes me to go from my house to the closest pokestop.

Even if i had intrest in harry potter which i don’t it wouldnt be a game for me do to niantics points of intrest compared to this game which uses google playable points.


They were at 140 before last weeks sale… they have been steadily climbing since 1.7 released. Sure the sale helped… but if everyone is quiting and the game is dying like some of the posts in the op state. There shouldn’t be anyone left to buy up these special sales people who are quitting a game dont typically go on a spending spree.

A game everyone enjoyed doesn’t matter anymore. Ludia higherups only care about money. The game isn’t exactly going to die soon, but boosts have definitely created a downward spiral that will eventually cause too much population decrease and no longer be profitable.

Apex Predators may be the one support beam holding this game up, but Ludia can’t keep them entertained forever.


I don’t care about wizards, zombies, ghosts, riding dinos games, etc etc - and don’t see myself ever playing PoGo again as more than a casual (I used to be very active - until JWA came along. And it wasn’t easy playing PoGo as a rural player with no spawns or stops within 2 miles… I don’t see Niantic changing this either; neither do I care 'cause compared to the design of this game PoGo appears… rather simplistic).

So I’m not ready to plan the funeral for this game just yet (and really don’t want to - the animals are so well done, and the PVP used to be great). I like to believe 1.7 was a major glitch, but not hopelessly so. Boosts can work, with limits (see multiple posts with suggestions). I also believe the mm can be corrected (see even more posts with suggestions). Ludia staff just need to listen to us and, ideally, communicate that they are.

I think most of us - including those complaining the loudest - really want this game to return to its greatness, and it can be even better with some corrections that shouldn’t be that hard to do.



Iv got the beta of wizards unite - and I don’t like it. It’s too convoluted for a non Harry Potter fan, like me.

I couldn’t really figure out what I was doing.

@Moksha don’t forget mine too lol

Implement 3 Battle Modes


Its novelty wore off pretty quickly for me. Think I was at lvl 17. Maybe once it’s released world wide it might improve. One thing it did do was make me want to get the entire Potter collection in blu-ray. I haven’t watched any of them yet. :slight_smile:

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