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The game is crashing a lot

Ok to try and be specific, the game is always crashing for me. It usually occurs when I load something such as entering the Raptor Paddock, load the event page/enter an event, collect from a revenue tower or anything that slightly requires loading. It does this constantly and I hope it’s a bug or something that isn’t just happening to me. It is starting to really irritate me as I just want to play the game without crashing every 5 minutes if you know what I mean.

Didn’t have this crashing issue until today.

The first modded event with the two dinos equipping “Survival” caused me to crash twice and both times it was just when my dino was about to go in for the kill (equipped with bleed).

My game always crashes when the opponent has Survivor MOD.

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Hello Jake_Quick. I’m sorry to hear about that. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team here at so our they can take a closer look and help you. Don’t forget to include your support key as it can help them locate your account faster. Thank you!

I have the same problem of crashing on the survival mod.

I post here about it a few months ago.

Neither the post nor support helped.

So, if I run into survival in PvE, I’m going to crash and resume. If is happens in PvP modded, I’ll lost the battle due to the crash.

Oh well. :frowning:

I did the exact same thing with Bleed… and crashed with the death of each dino… but I was able to rejoin the battle each time and complete it.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if playing in modded tourney or PvP, never ever use Bleed or Survival, because you’ll crash and lose?
In non-PvP, at least your game will crash but resume where you left off.
Faced a double survival this morning, and I countered with a double bleed.
Crashed 2-3 times, I think.

hi, i dont know if i have the right to complain but ill give it a shot.

just some info about me:
im a newbie, been playing this game since may 1 2020 and i got completely hooked. My park lvl is 36, 7 lvl 40, 2 legendary and already spent like $5. yea not much but my complain is that the GAME CRASHES a lot!

its frustrating especially with the cooldown dinos and DB. You’re bout to win a PvP / Events then all of a sudden BOOM! SCREEN HANGING UP!


Survivor mod is broken.

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It’s pretty clear that the Survival mod is the problem, not his account. Happened to me also. The crash occurs when the mod activates during battle. This happened in the most recent PvE mods event where opponents had multiple survival mods. Every time the mod triggered, game crashed.

Please take the news about the broken mod to the devs so that they can fix it.

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Hello, thank you for informing us about the Survivor mod. The team is now aware and looking into the cause.

I can’t play ANY of the battles today. The game crashes every time I try. Whether I go through the battles or missions it crashes EVERY time. So frustrating.

The Survival mod glitch made one of the recent events (Amphibian Assault) unwinnable for me. On the final match up, I was up against a team with Survival. Not only did the game crash when Survival was activated, it also froze when I tried to resume the battle. This happened to me three times - say bye bye to 9 amphibians (during an Amphi/Ptero tournament no less) and 9 Mods. I refused to burn resources trying to get a Nullify Mod to try to avoid triggering the crash.

I submitted a ticket to Ludia - we’ll see what they say.

Has anyone else seen this freezing when trying to resume? Normally, I can resume the battle with no problem, but for this event, it just could not resume.


Just few questions,

1st, whenever you crash while in PVP that says ‘we’re unable to retrieve data’ , does your opponent crashes as well?

2nd, how about if your internet got DC while in PVP, opponent gets free win?

“There is no spoon”



If you crash in PvP your battle is lost. PvP is against AI (despite the name), so the AI doesn’t care if you crash and disappear.

whuuut? even tho theyre using person’s picture in PvP? they are AI? O.o