The game is down once again

The bugs and technical issues seem to be getting worse with each update.


Am I the only one stuck on 10/31 and not able to login now? :smiley:


yes - I was in the middle of the gold tower and it crashed/froze. I was forced to restart and then the battle was shown as lost. I tried to go through the rest of the tower but it was running horribly slow, so I was too scared to keep going. I do not want to lose out on rewards due to bugs.

no - and even when you can get in the game barely runs and takes forever to get in.


Same (10 charac)

Its getting ridiculous. I already can’t make purchases on my iPhone I have to use a tablet. Now this. The game hasn’t been connecting on the first try all weekend now it wont load at all.


I can log in, but it’s taking much longer than usual. And now suddenly trying to do anything within the game also takes an age because it brings up the rotating blue circle of doom. It’s like the dreaded age of internet buffering all over again.


If you can get in, youre lucky. Im for Minutes just on 14/31 :joy:

@Ludia_Developers @admins @moderators


I can barely do a strike tower battle without it freezing. This is unacceptable - we have a tournament going on and major events like Rexy.


I had just beaten stage 8 and then it said i lost. The game was having connection issues but thought it was just me.

The app has become really slow and buffering everywhere and all actions are really delayed and sluggish and the loading issue still hasnt been fixed either yet, please sort this ludia.



yeah I’m trying the other tower right now and can barely play. If I lose another due to bugs I will have to pay a lot of ingame cash to complete

It is getting worse by the day alot of my alliance can’t get the raids done as it won’t let them pick a move

ok now I am hitting buttons in the strike tower events and nothing registers - it just counts down forever. Oh I got lucky and it eventually registered. This is bad.

Same for me on the strike towers it is really annoying

Also - 0 rexy on the map. ZERO! This is the event we all needed the most this weekend. Very few Legendary stops.

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Lost a tournament battle due to freeze/lag!!

Keep having connection issues when my mobile data speed is over 50Mbps according to a speed test. Definitely a problem on the server side.

Its working for me again

I mean is it really a bug, ludia wants to kill their game in the least amount of time possible