The game is not loading since yesterday evening

I have no idea why, but the app is not loading. It stucks on 1/23.

I asked about it on facebook, but noone replies.

No message about a possible update, no any reason is written…

Can someone troubleshoot or help me wha tto do? Internet I have, good phone I have…

So then? ://

try playstore and push the button to open from there.

Sometimes changing your time zone(know it sounds weird but happened to me) and then change back to your correct time zone will fix the glitch). Also toggle between data and WiFi, or simply go in airplane mode, restart your phone, leave airplane mode and try again.

Lastly whatever account your using, Game Center, google, Facebook etc try logging out of it and logging back in

Hey there, @MrCopierre, I can vouch for the troubleshooting steps that were recommended here! If the issue persists, however, reach out to our team at and we’ll try to take a closer look at things on our end. Hope everything works out!