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The game is now broken

All of the hard work people have gone to to get DNA and upgrade a myriad of Dino’s is now wasted. The new stat boosts break the game to the point that I think most of my clan are going to quit. Fighting Thoradolosaurs with over 165 speed with upgrades health and damage can wipe a complete team. This game has become a spend to win.


What is the problem?

a 180 speed thor can eliminate an entire team without the opponent getting off a single shot.

unless you happen to have that thor, i think you see the problem inherent in the system.


The Dino’s were balanced with the three main stats. Speed, damage and health to make them competitive. The slow Dino’s have way more damage usually. Now you have the most damaging Dino’s getting to strike first and one shotting the other Dino’s. I fought a Thoradolosaur today that had a speed of 166 a damage of 2057 and health of 4410. It gets to attack first and on it’a first attack will hit for over 3k. Unless the 40% crit activates and it hits for over 4K. It cleared my team without me killing a Dino.

So how is this different from going against a Dodge dino when you don’t have a counter?

Oh yeah because it was boosted and evil and you were used to killing it no problem with your fast Dodge Dino’s.


my dad used to drive one of those.

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I don’t think it’s broken. It’s more ruined.

It can be fixed. We will see boost nerfs coming.

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Agreed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone at Ludia (even the vendor who refills the soda machines) is aware of what is going on right now, and what is at stake.

All we can do now is wait for them to inform us what their plans are.

I hope it happens soon, and I hope it’s something that makes everyone happy.

Something that might make people who left maybe think about coming back to us.

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everyone hating the Stat Boost and feel they have wasted the last year on the daily grind check out my thread in the suggestion area. it’s a large post but, i think you will agree with me. the more feedback and support my thread gets hopefully ludia will make a change. i think i have a good idea.

I met a guy with lower level dinos teams but with high stat boost (all speed above 180). It just sweep my team 3-0. Then I doubt the DNA collection outdoors is not the main factor to win the battle. Spend money on stat boost is the key. It destroy this games.

what used to require your feet, now only requires your hands.