The game is so fixed


I’ve had 2 x 24h incubators since the update… in both I’ve had pyroraptor DNA… just so happens to be the one epic that they massively debuffed and made useless…

Coincidence… I doubt it


Why complain? Pyro leads to pyrritator and then to magnapyritor… I understand and agree they probably did that on purpose, now that pyro is nerfed, they’re giving it out more often lol but still, it’s just as valuable considering how good pyrritator is :slight_smile:


Give it to me, all i got is things like concavenator or koolasuchus epics, i want the magnapyritor my favourite dinosaur in this game so far, also one of the best anti tank guys


Abit of variety would be nice


@Tronkun609 It is quite annoying when we get those dinos :joy: but after this update and the new dinos/hybrids, I learned to value every DNA lol just save it up, no matter what dino it is :grin:
But yeah im on the same boat, looking forward to getting magna hehe


@carlsberglewis i agree mate, maybe with time and updates they’ll fix these things… we know they listen to us :slight_smile: so just hope for the best!