The game is super laggy, isn't it?

Just feel the game is super laggy now. Have to wait a bit for almost every move on the game. Don’t you feel the same? So hard to play now.


I downloaded the game for this first time since early 2021. I was shocked at how slow it was moving. Loading time for each menu, trouble scrolling through creatures, and having to restart. It’s pretty bad.


So annoying, maybe time for Ludia to update their servers if it’s the problem!


I haven’t had anything

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You’re lagging?

Same here, but my app sometimes crashes when attempting to startup as well nowadays


Sane? do u mean same?

Also I’ve never crashed?!

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I had to upgrade my phone in order to keep playing. Now I basically have the same performance with a 2 year newer phone as I did 2 years ago. It’s declining rapidly and great improvements could be made to the speed and menus of the game.
I guess it doesn’t help that there’s so many dinos in the list now, and on the map it’s super busy as well. It costs more and more memory.

Optimisations or settings for lower-end or older devices would be VERY welcome.


I’ve asked this many times before and never received an answer.

What device do the devs use?

I’d love to know ……

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I’m not a dev but I use the Huawei mate 20 pro. :sweat_smile:

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Hey Banarel, could I ask you to email our support team at with your support key and device information included in the email?


Thanks for your response, @ned - cannot choose your id from the dropdown, odd.

My device is iPhone 12 mini with 128G memory (50% used). Don’t want to go through the support system as this issue seems universal.

I find the game slightly slower these days when scrolling or loading up the Dinodex/Lab page. Otherwise it runs fine on my phone.

fat fingers lol

Lucky my game always crashes if i play for an hour

Why do u crash so much? I mean on my old iPad I crashed like every 5 mins lol

Eh, maybe it’s my phone

Forget that, I just get a new Samsung S8 2022, no lagging!

Been like this since the achievement update.

I swear the snow on the map makes the lag worse.

Also with my game and phones track record it’d probably be easier to say what doesn’t make my game crash :joy: :pensive:

it’s terrible, mate. The lagginess, crashing due to lagginess, the bugs - oh the bugs! At times I loathe collecting my rewards, doing campaigns, visiting the lab or sancs, loading alliance and friends lists, trying to raid because I KNOW the game is going to lag then crash.

I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this but the game now takes forever to load on every front.
2-3 minutes for game to load
2-5 for map to load
1 minute for Dino collection to load
Dino collection screen is very laggy and slow when scrolling

My phone isn’t a cheap one so it’s not because of a bad phone but I really don’t want to just give up on the game just because it takes 10 minutes to do one fuse. Is Ludia ever planning to improve game performance or is there anyway for me to make the game run better?