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The game is too easy

I remember when this game first came out. It was difficult. It should have stayed that way. Because every match I have to face stuff like this.

This kind of thing is what I am constantly up against. And it’s the kind of thing that my team cant even compete with. Unique creatures are supposed to be hard to make but the game has become so easy that people are able to get uniques to level 30 and then boost them ulti the point of no skill. My team barely has this kind of power yet I constantly face these monstrosities. Please stop making it so easy for people to gain this kind of power. I understand that a lot of people have been playing for a while but those kind of people should be in the nublar shores. Not in the library plowing through people like me. Stop making it so easy to gain access to and rapidly level up overpowered creatures that are supposed to be difficult to make.


But if they make the game any harder know, those who already have things like that will never be beaten.


The game is very easy with my Op Geminititan and Erlindominus. It is only hard because of Indo Gen 2 users and people who boost Thor’s speed

Stop ranting about Indo gen 2 users. What happened to your apology?

Also Thor users do what they want. They’ll never make it to the top without proper use of it.

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I mean about using Thor I’ve got

lvl 21 by the way

In other words I’ve only put attack boosts into it

Yeah speed is useless on Thor

I mean I’ll put some on but not to the point of stupidity eg not over 21

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Wow you have Gem and Erlidom at level 30 bet it does make it easy.

First, he doesn’t even have them at level 30. Second, guess by following his logic the top 50s are just having the time of their lives. The arena must be as easy as 1+1 :man_shrugging:t2:

I know they don’t have them at 30 that was the point of my comment. I’d doubt they have them at 25.