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The Game Keeps Kicking me out

I’m trying to make gorgosuchus but the game just kicks me out and takes my bucks away when it happens pls help or give any adivce Very much appreciated!


It’s probably a glitch with the new update. People have been having other issues too. I don’t know if you need it right away, but if you can wait then wait till the game is fixed.

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Hi there Bluegen2!

If restarting your device doesn’t help, please email our team at with your support key so they can investigate. Thank you!

Sorry but I’m new what is a support key?

No worries, I’m happy to help! Your support key is the 8 letter code in the in-game Settings menu we can use to identify your account. It should also be on the loading screen when you launch the game.

Thanks again!

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I just sent the email hope you got it!


Have you got the key yet?

I told this not to long ago but a ludia person said they needed a support key and then I asked if they got the support key but they never responded I just want to know if they got it or not?

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I have sent a message earlier in the day and did not get back even an automated response, then I decided to send them the exact same content a couple of hours ago and had that message immidiately after and the real response in an hour or so, telling me the basic steps as clear cache, reboot the device, make sure having 2 GB RAM etc.

Nothing but already known details.

So, hopeless. It seems like all we can do is to wait hands tied. Sorry man.

Crashed? Havent crashed in quite some time actually

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Yeah some players seem not as much affected from the situation like the others. But I assume the number of players dealing with the issue is not minor. We will see the end results, hopefully.

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Me too now, i’m trying to play but it’s impossible, so frustrating :rage:

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End results be like

"Hey guys, ludia here, we are sorry for what the bug that ruined the tournament, pulled you away from Getting the 6th anniversary prize which shows that the game is 6 years old, and that you can’t log in…have 50 LP!


50LP is not going to compensate. I’ve literally lost over 4K DNA because the damage I do to the boss doesn’t count. Keep in mind I’m level 50 and only had 2k dna to start with. Thought I would be able to get 84 out of 84 tasks done but looks like I’m stuck at 81 out of 84. Sorry this was a little bit of a rant but the point is Ludia gives like 60lp everyday for free so we should get something better like dna. But I really want the game to be fixed before the boss event ends so I can get another 2k dna.


I have a feeling that I will need to say goodbye to over 20k DNAs and nearly 10k LPs this weekend. Unless that issue gets resolved today. I have a quite deep line up but finishing them all in half of a day, is sadly impossible. I was really hoping this weekend to refill my drained stocks but hey, this game always succeeds to surprise me. :sleepy:

They will most likely not compensate, it’s highly likely they won’t, it’s fact(in my opinion)

I agree with you Fiddle. I don’t except anything don’t you worry. I have the tranquility of a long lost battle. I’ll be wrapping up my wounds sooner or later, I hope.


Yeah, but hey, it’s an indominus tournament, I’m on my way to unlocking one already. Just need the game to stop crashing and stealing 3750 dna away from me, and saying I never bought a t rex.


Is DNA a fair compensation? I can’t even play the game, I have lost 2 days of gameplay completely except for some hatching and a little coin collection.

This bug cost me the ability to do my daily trades, that’s a considerable amount of coin, food, bucks and dna that I lost, but that isn’t significant I can manage without it.

I missed all pves and haven’t done the boss battle either. I could have maybe done the pves if I was willing to lose my mental sanity but I chose to remain sane. The boss battle progress is also slow because obviously many people like me are unable to do them, so we may not even win it. I can live without all those pve rewards too even tho that’s a significant dna loss from the creatures I have missed out

Then there is the tournament, I would have sacrificed pves if it meant I can win tournament at their expense, but I can’t do that either, I can’t even get to Hunter league because it is always crashing.

And what will I get compensated for? If we are being fair I should get the pve rewards and the indominus unlock ignoring the boss battles, trades, coins etc.

Forget even the pve, will I get the indominus pack? I would be genuinely surprised if I do, I probably see them checking my account and saying hey you managed to 3 battles in tournament so you can play the tournament so no compensation.

This whole ordeal has sucked my enjoyment of the game dry and honestly if they try to pin it as a problem on my end I will quit the game because I won’t spend any more time in crashing when it’s not my fault.

Sorry for the rant but I just can’t take this anymore.


Ludia gonna respond with

“We’re sorry to hear that, have 10 LP”

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