The game needs new dinosaurs like Acrocanthosaurus and Diplodocus

I think that if you add new dinos, it would better to the game. What do you think?

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I’m sure we will get them. Give Ludia time. We don’t need everything at once otherwise what will they be able to drop into the game as the years go by?


Yes they are working on it I think :blush: I would love to see a Diplodocus in any case!! and many ask for it so I think it will be added at some point.

I hope it gets a special attack with its long tail because it is quite famous for the tail possibly even breaking the sound barrier and in any case it could have been used in defense as a dangerously strong whip.


You’ve already got Diplodocus in the game, it’s Apatosaurus. :joy:

Not exactly, Apatosaurus is a Diplodocid but not the same as Diplodocus. In any case Apatosaurus in the game has no tail attack. Maybe it should have too, but it doesn’t currently have it. So if they introduce a Diplodocus I hope it will :grin: