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The game should implement more Rare hybrids

Well when we took a look at hybrids there is:
6 rare hybrids
19 epics hybrids
42 legendary hybrids
23 uniques hybrids

Why would we get more rares hybrids?

Well,if there is more rares hybrids implemented,you will have more easy access dino for beginners,and we could create some more tourney with rares hybrids only to bring some variety.

Wouldn’t it became a waste of time?
If you manage to play ladder,of course ,except if these hybrids get later unique superhybrid :Grypolyth is the perfect example made from 1 rare hybrid to a unique superhybrid.
To “balance” the number of superhybrid,they should became epics or unique,there is much more legendaries at the moment.

I know for some of you,the subject doesnt matter but,have you an opinion about it? :slight_smile:


It’s a neat idea, but they’re limited in that they can only be made from commons. Most commons already have one or two hybrids, so they might need to introduce more commons if they did this. That’s probably why we have so few to begin with. Epics can be made by commons or rares, so theres a few more. Legendaries can be made from any epic, rare, or common, so there’s a lot of them. Uniques so far have always been made from one legendary and one of something else, so the limited pool of legendaries means there are fewer uniques than legendaries.

You know some commons only have 1 hybrid at the moment :slight_smile:
There is 37 commons:
Velociraptor is found in 3 different hybrids,so we can increase the hybrid’s ammount,and it will give some value to the commons DNA which actually feel only good to be stack …
I mean when your thor is max,what do you do of your Tarbo DNA?
and i can say the same for almost all commons.
So almost all commons are usable.
The least usable maybe nundasuchus,irritator and velociraptor.

Advantage Tourneys

Yeah there are a lot that don’t have a second hybrid, but I wouldn’t extend that to more than that. I counted 29 (maybe 30 since Deinonychus doesn’t have any hybrids yet), so that would be about 15 new rare hybrids, assuming all the commons were turned into rare hybrids (which probably wouldn’t happen). I would welcome any new hybrids using existing creatures, because you definitely lose interest in most of the commons once you get their hybrids/superhybrids up to a decent level.

Yeah,but is easy to lvl up to max,
Thor only have one hybrid and you need lvl 20 to start create it.
While some others have more hybrids.

A Dino can have 3 hybrids but that’s only the record at the moment and they might have more in the furture.

I know, Nodopatosaurus. They might, but I’d rather they stick to two and focus on increasing the number of non-hybrids in the game, too.

I agree. More Rare and Epic hybrids would help out beginner players, and it would also spice up the tournaments.

Brontotherium, Apato, Puru2, Lythronax, Majunga, Deinonychus, Galli, Dimorphodon, Hatze, Sucho, Sarco, Mono2, Phorus, Tarbo, Allo, and Ophia all are open for another hybrid. Between all those commons we could have some pretty decent Rare hybrids.

Kinda doubt we’ll see much of a resurgence in their numbers though. Legendaries and Uniques are the money makers.

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These could be rare hybrids


I love them, they’re fantastic!

The second one looks like a cheap Tryko. Anyone else thinks so?

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yah, i do (10)

Some are good ideas.
As the second one,would fill the chomper role
and you have some tanks aswell to do some nice tourneys.

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Even though I am a high level player I would like to see more rare hybrids

3 hybrids?
Some in the game have already 4
So we have a large way to increase their use.

not actually, for example sino has 2 hybrids, thor and rinex don’t count as its hybrids cuz even if they have some sino DNA, they aren’t directly its hybrids…

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oh,you count this way?
But even for superhybrids,you will need the sino dna,so i am mitigate.
Sino DNA for example get far more use than miragaia.Mira have 2 hybrids but no superhybrids.

I don’t, but @Colin does

Sorry… Did not know what else