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The Game So Far and The Future

Good Morning, Evening or whatever the time it may be for you all. :wave: :world_map:
I have most of the list below coming from myself and also a few members of the community have added on to this post with their own questions. :grinning:
I ask and will Greatly Appreciate :heart: direct answers to any of the questions listed and maybe get through to hear one of the Developers. We haven’t heard from you’s much in quite a while and hope you are all well and staying healthy. Hope to see any new Messages, Videos or Q’s & A’s from you’s sometime! :left_speech_bubble:

I have still been playing since Beta and I’ve battled much of the bugs since then. Gone through many special holiday dragons with some being useful and pretty!. Joined a clan since clans were released, move to a few here and there then welcomed into a Family Clan :family_man_woman_girl_boy: that grew and shrunk during these hard times and still been battling Alpha’s every single day. We still have our active community discord server for Titan Uprising :fire:if anyone wants to come check it out!:

It’s still great to be in there and always checking out the channels each day to see what’s happening, help out people, joke around and have a chat or ask/answer questions for the game.

Played during Titan Uprising’s 1 Year Anniversary, see people leave or make returns to the game. I’m still active visiting the forum every week and almost every day. So for my next post I have the following 8 questions that I would love to see any answered. :pray:

  1. Will we be seeing any new content this end of the month/next month? :sparkles:

  2. When will we roughly get our next update to fix critical bugs such as Shellfire’s Ability and has that been nearly fixed or are you still working on fixing it? :wrench:

  3. Will Titan Uprising Cheat System be greatly improved to actually stop cheaters and keep them off Arena and reduce the likelihood off innocents getting banned? :hammer:

  4. Will there be another big dragon Balance Update like the one when Arena first was released? :balance_scale:

  5. Is the outside world events slowing work on the game at Ludia? And this does tie in with JC post: [20.03.2020] Ludia Games and COVID-19
    (Again hope you’s are all staying safe and healthy!) :globe_with_meridians: :mask:

  6. Will Flight Club Chests get a new Special Dragon to earn trust for? :tipping_hand_man:

  7. Are we still going to be capped at Level 50 or would more levels be added? - I do have an idea if we reach Level 50, we could continue to earn experience and once we fill an extra level we could have the option to choose given rewards such as resources (Fish/Gold/Scales/Runes?). - :infinity: :question:

  8. Will we see any additions/extensions to the end game of the storyline like having further levels, new storyline and rewards? :national_park:

I Thank those at Ludia still working during these hard times and The Community who are still playing Titan Uprising. I’ll appreciate any replies or likes to this post below and be amazing to see some spare time taken for answers. Stay Safe Everyone! :sunglasses: :relaxed:



I’ve just suggested an idea of trading Trust Points between dragons, regardless of them being special event ones or not. I have 56 Points for Grump and 30 for Skullcrusher, and I want to exchange them for Points towards a dragon I actually want to get, for example, Freedom Hookfang or Meatlug. Those two are my least favourite characters in the franchise,as well.


I would be very interested in the answers to these, I thought not the FC one as I don’t subscribe, but I guess that might change if another dragon came in! I would also love to know if they are ever going to consider an inventory for scales, something that has been asked about many times and never had any kind of response, Thanks