The game vs the ad


I am playing this game for some time now and it’s pretty good, recently though I saw a advert video of it showing ancient mammals like mammoth, sabertooth and even poor dodo being eaten by it. I was thinking, wouldn’t be that a good idea to actually implement creatures like that into the game??


Another post was saying Pterosaurs to be added. If you look at JWTG you’ll see they add dinosaurs almost weekly. Ludia is a much larger company than Niantic and I’m sure we will be seeing tons of new dinosaurs and social features very fast. They’re probably just waiting for more people to come close to getting all the originals first


I’m pretty disappointed that there are no flying dinos like the Pterodactyl.


Jurassic park the game started out that way and then they got them and then we moved onto Jurassic world the game which already started out with them. Have patience they will be added because it’s the same company for both games.


Yeah, again sorry, my bad, that was a ad of different game that if compared to JWA really sucks.

  1. I hate this “click and wait a week to upgrade a decoration building”
  2. The battle mechanics is awful, simplified to 3 exactly same commends for every dino (A,D,S).
  3. Battles are mega sluggish and have way longer loading time.
  4. Creatures attacks graphics are basic at best, you can forget about animations like Einiasuchus charge, which is great. Over there they barely moving lol :joy:
  5. Even though they have a pterodactyls, you would expect to have nice, quick diving or stabbing or I even picking up small dinos like raptors, over there they just sit on the ground in almost exactly same position the whole fight, looking almost same.

Basically the other game takes out the whole pleasure of having a wide variety of options, making it a proof that more always means better.

I hope that this game won’t get lazy like that in the long term, and yes, I still think that adding dinos from different biosphere can be great idea, but only if well implemented.

So far so good here :blush:


As long as they stay clear of adding any Cenozoic megafauna (Big mammals), but instead add marine reptiles and other creatures present in the Mesozoic, the game should be okay.

I mean, there weren’t any mammoths or glyptodonts present during the reign of the dinosaurs, why should the game make us feel that we’re turning a corner only to end up in a cheesy 50s or 60s B-film?


I guess they are way easier to implement, just another units with different looks, for sea or air dinosaurs they would have to add specific arenas or something because I doubt Plesiosaurs would look credible fighting in the desert…