The games state and its continued decline

This game has been going downhill for a while now and it’s evident why: the devs focus on the wrong things. They’ve fixed the previous system of endless grind to a more reasonable level with xp rescaling, but that was the start of this games problems. The fact is, this game always had a slew of issues that prevented it from being a truly good game, so it rests of mediocre for eternity. Look at the rating history, it declined from a 4.5 star game to a 4 star game overtime. Players are tired of the devs and their incompetence.

When things really hit the fan, they only sometimes act on a solution. Currently, there has been a loading bug going on for 3 weeks, and the devs have done nothing to resolve it. This bug costs people games in battlemode, which is easily and unquestionably the worst part of the whole game. To amplify an already problematic issue by choosing not to fix a bug is not the right move. In fact, the bug is easily replicatable and detectable, you only have to merely touch your screen in between a loading action, that much is enough to cause this bug.

Another huge point of issue is the absolute refusal to fix how battlemode trophies are calculated. I’m at a league where it doesn’t matter if someone is 300 above or below you, it’s all the same. Losing 50 trophies to someone equally likely to win, while only gaining 10 is not a fair cost for risk reward. Fix this crap, it’s not fun or entertaining, at all. You’ve already screwed up battlemode with certain characters being blatantly OP, this doesn’t make it better. Want a suggestion? Code it so you don’t have a trophy swing from a certain number rank and above. My suggestion is 3000. Its always 30 for a win or loss, easy fix.

If i don’t see at least a fix to the loading bug, i’m calling my bank next week for a chargeback for this scam of a game.


Couldn’t agree more. I got so frustrated I finally quit. Put in 9 solid months but my unhappiness started plaguing my thoughts even when I wasn’t playing. As you can see I still check the forum in hopes that things would get better. Based on several threads I feel I made the right choice. Good riddance.

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I’ve made a number of complaints and so have many other forum regulars and they have been widely ignored. What they don’t realise is that our complaints are widely being echoed within active guilds. The game is too problematic. The hardcore gamers who post here and are active guild members are the ones who invest most of their time and sometimes money into the game and if they can’t listen to us and make this a workable franchise, then they are doomed to failure all over the sake of a quick buck.

People who love D&D games take everything very seriously - I remember it being the same for Warhammer related games (some being sub par). If people have being playing these types of games tabletop for years as well then we are very interested in the very basic mechanics of the game (the fundamental dice rolls) and balancing issues and challenges and also the entertainment and immersiveness of the dungeons, the monsters, their layouts and the narrative behind the whole concept.

I feel like they couldn’t care less about the whole lore behind backstory or making something remotely compelling or playable - based on the incredibly tedious and repetitive dungeons being reproduced all the time.

It’s a bit like on a weekly basis all the challenges are spend loads of gold and gems AKA real money to actually be able to compete to save Waterdeep. There’s no fanfare or binding of players to this whole Mythos. They don’t care about the community and they don’t care about player gaming experience as long as they can make a few bucks out of us.

Where is the whole community element of this game? Why can’t we trade cards, rather than donate outside of guilds?

That picture of all the characters meeting in the Tavern on the loading screen makes me laugh because there should be a player’s tavern in game where you can share tips and stories, add friends, challenge these friends to a PVP battle.

But no there’s just no fun involved whatsoever. The only thing I look forward to is getting given a legendary once every 24 days but that’s too few and far between.


What’s bothering me most right now of all the issues is the nonstop server instability. Every action (attack, move, advancing to the next screen) hangs for up to 8 seconds while the game communicates with the servers. Clearly something is severely awry with Ludia’s servers, but there is ZERO comment from the mods or devs about this. We’re paying for a service; we deserve to be dealt with honestly and fairly. If I want to complete my tasks it’s taking 5-6x longer to complete anything; an event goes from 1-2 hour investment to 5-6 hours.

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