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The General Disdain Thread for Update 1.6


Please use this thread as a general “I hate this about the update…”
[ Borrowed idea from another forum ]

Monomimus is.... dead
Dioraja and tuoramoloch has no future
Justice for Sarcorixis!
Dracoceratops & Monomimus Poll
Decelerating Impact, Slowing Impact and Thagomizer - Now usless?
Thank you ludia thank you than you
1.6 is coming now!
1.6 and still a lot of bug

I’ll be here to cheer you all back up and remind you it’s just a game!



I’ll be here to eat popcorn :popcorn: and watch the world burn :fire: :smile:


I hate that it’s not released yet. (Am I doing this right?)


I guess that a lot of players will read patch notes today and uninstall the game. May be I’ll be among them.

Another redisbalance, uniques of darwin (I guess, OP), may be even more evasive moves, so even more RNG and luck. And of course, new D2, another “gross miscalculation” to grind money from players.


My disdain comes from your misspelling of it.

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Everyone should at least wait until Monday. Yes, patch notes say a lot, but they don’t paint the whole picture. They don’t tell us what migrations (if any) will be happening and we won’t see that until Monday. You also don’t know how dinos will actually perform in the arena until you actually use them. They could surprise you. :woman_shrugging:

I just hope they give some love to L3


You are quite correct it should be disdain not distain - I have corrected the thread title - I blame it on the excitement of the coming update.

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Cant wait for 1.6 patch notes

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Same, I’m getting impatient


Dracorex GEN2

  • Do you dread the moment when you read that this creature is being rebalanced? Fret not! It only loses a bit of damage: Attack becomes 1,110.
  • Yes, it keeps its Defense Shattering Rampage!

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: time to level that sh@t up :smiley:


Only a minor thing but I would’ve loved a bit of a buff for Gigaspikasaur, maybe giving it a little more HP
I’ve been trying to use it on my team for a while now and although it’s nice being able to shield up guaranteed in front of a cloaked I-Rex and it’s counter is cool, I think it’s time to level Stegodeus.


My only disdain is there was no mention in bug fixes about the poor alliance chat hardly ever working properly and the constant quitting out of the game, clearing cache, logging back on to see the chat properly. :expressionless:

Also the fact that donation requests constantly appear at the top of the screen which is very annoying and pointless.


Tuoramoloch still untouched. I guess the slowing delay but still

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Alright, now that the new patch notes are out, I can’t lie. I’m so disappointed.

My favourite creature is the Sarcorixis, and I’ve been waiting for this patch for it to get fixed. But it gets nothing. Let us look at it, shall we?

Compared to its dna component Einiasuchus, it has the SAME hp, the SAME speed, the SAME damage, and LESS armor. Okay, okay. Stats aren’t everything. Its strengths must lie in its abilities, right?

Well, maybe it used to. But the thing is that the last couple of updates have completely SCREWED over Sarcorixis. It had Lockdown strike, so it could lock down dinos twice as long as any creature with only pinning strike. But then pinning strike was buffed, and lockdown remained the same. So now… They’re the exact same ability.

It had greater stunning Impact, when Einiasuchus only had minor stunning impact. So hey, at least it had a much higher chance of stunning its opponents. But guess what? All stun skills in the game were changed to greater stunning impact. So now Einia has greater stunning impact too, and once again, Sarcorixis was NOT compensated for it.

So right now, the only reason for picking Sarcorixis over Einiasuchus is that it has swap in defence (Which you rarely use anyway) and armor piercing basic attacks, which… It rarely lives long enough to get to use since it is LESS tanky than its dna component.

Where is the justice!? After indirectly nerfing Sarcorixis TWICE I expected at the very least that lockdown strike would become three turns. AT THE VERY LEAST. What would really help to make it worth while investing all your Einia dna into sarcorixis instead of just making a stronger Einia would be to give it Lockdown Impact or Rampage. Or buff its speed. Or SOMETHING.

I’ve got a Sarcorixis lvl 21 and an Einia lvl 20. I’ve invested so much into Sarcorixis 'cause I love its design. But honestly, it barely makes any difference which one of them I put in my team, 'cause… They’re basically the same. It sucks.

Justice for Sarcorixis!


I’m glad TRex is now the daily mission reward as it is used to create max number of other dinos from it.
But Darwinopterus & Ankylosaurus aren’t so far behind. I just think it should be kept in a cycle. Probably something for 1.7.

Till then I’ll stack a butt-load of TRexy.


Honestly all the crocs need buffing but yeah, Sarcorixis most of all.


Okay, whatever moderator just moved this thread into another thread, could you please put it back? Just because I mentioned the patch at the top doesn’t mean my post was about the patch. I have no problem with the rest of the patch. It was trying to bring attention to Sarcorixis balancing issues. I feel that won’t take effect if its hidden away in another thread about people complaining about the patch notes in general. Thank you.

You could remove all mention of the patch and the message of my thread would be the same.