The gigaspikasuars is a weird rareity


I fell that the gigaspikasuraus (lol cant spell) should be a unique at least. Heres why, a common and common makes a rare, a rare and epic make a legendary, a common and epic makes a legendary, but a epic and a rare only makes a legendary? Plus it takes so much to make, dont get me wrong im still working on it but i feel that it is under valued.


There are much better options anyways lol and its not good enough to be a unique…


General formula:
A common(200)+a rare(50)=an epic
A common(500)+an epic(50)=a legendary
A rare(200)+an epic(50)=a legendary



The formula is actually:

Level 5 + level 5 = Rare
Level 10 + Level 10 = Epic
Level 15 + Level 15 = Legendary
Level 20 + Level 20 = Unique

The rarity of the ingredients doesn’t matter so much. The difference is that lower rarities will require more DNA, as someone stated above. For instance, to make an epic you would only need 50 rare DNA per fusion, but you need 200 common DNA per fusion.