The Glitch That Cost me valuable dna

Ok so this post is a mini rant on how I lost some of the most precious dna in the game because of a glitch / crash in JWA, I have reached out to ludia about this and I am waiting for a response. This post will be deleted if the dna is returned but we’ll wait and see… So how did this all happen? And what happened? Heres the context:

So I went out to go and find Para lux (legendary) and it took such a long time to finally find one, about 2 and a half hours of searching later and I finally found it. So as I’m darting it I get a good amount of direct hits and manage to rack up 193 dna and just before it finishes darting, the game abruptly freezes and suddenly crashes. I was expecting to have the dna in my inventory because I had just darted it but as I go to look to see if I have the dna, nothing is there and there is not another para lux. This was obviously extremely infuriating because I had just spent a good amount of time looking for one of the rarest dinosaurus in the game only for the game to crash and lose all my dna. I messaged ludia asking if its possible to get my dna back because otherwise its just a big waste of my time and losing the dna because of a glitch in the game. I tried rebooting my device, resetting wifi settings, uninstalling and reinstalling but none of that has worked to my dismay. If ludia decides to give my dna back I will delete this post but if they don’t the post stays up until I get the dna back. I want to know your guys opinions on this, am I taking it too far or should I get my dna back. Let me know
Also to anyone at ludia reading this, please send me an email back about the issue so we can get it resolved
Thanks and have a good day


I think you should get your DNA back. Para lux is so rare to come by and the fact that it makes one of the best unique hybrids in the game just makes the DNA more valuable.

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One thing I want for the next update: can para lux be epic instead? We understand your problem, it is so hard to get. Why don’t make the task easier and maybe next time they can put it as an achivement.

No. It should not be epic. It would be no different than tons of other epics then.

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OMG this happened to me to!!! I was so angry. The drone mode was lagging to so i got a very bad darting score… 18 para lux… I didnt see it as too big of a problem. I didnt want to complain to the support team about me not getting 18 more para lux. still very frustrating tho.

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