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The gold issue is ridiculous

When I first started, I was actually enjoying it. It seemed like there was an abundance of gold to do whatever I wanted with. Then once I got my characters to lvl 4, it became a ridiculous grind fest. And a near-impossible one at that.

Getting 6 gold per “story” quest? Really? It takes no less than 25 to upgrade garbage loot to progress your characters. By the time you get enough to upgrade one piece, the enemies are too hard to beat, so you’re stuck.

There’s always the challenge mode. Oh, wait. You can either wait 5 hours to run it one time (!), or pay 50 gold. The problem is obvious though; if I had 50 gold to waste, I wouldn’t NEED to grind a challenge mode.

I don’t know what this company was thinking, aside from “grab as much cash as possible.” I’ve lost all interest in going forward, and my characters are only level 4.

Wake me up when they decide to stop being greedy and make this a playable game.


It would be laughable at how blatant this is if it weren’t so frustrating. It seems like a fun game but I’m not going to be able to keep playing because I don’t really have disposable income. Also, on top of what you stated, who charges $10.99 for a “special offer”?!?


If they would’ve just charged $10 for a full, unlocked game, fine. I would’ve paid that. But this is the most blatant, pathetic cash grab I have ever seen in a mobile game.


This is the first mobile game you play right?
I’ve seen special offers at 100 bucks.


No, and what an asinine thing to imply.

I’ve seen “bad”, but this game trumps bad by a fair margin.


Yeah, that’s my kind of my point. Even in other just as obvious pay to play games, they charge like $9.99 for a tier 2 pack or special offers. These guys are like “D&D is popular right now, there’s surely people who will pay higher prices!”. While I love D&D and don’t mind paying for content, I’m not about to spend money I don’t have on something, just to need to dump more in if I want to keep playing. For the amount of gameplay/entertainment you get, spending money on this game is literally throwing it away.


Sorry for implying it but I had to ask.
How far into the game are you? We can only guess gold starts paying out in later on through PVP and events or whatnot. I have played just an hour or so (then I got the chest bug and I’m stuck) but so far I haven’t felt any slower character progress than in other games. I’m used to a certain degree of grind and with battle mechanisms that are actually fun like in Waterdeep (compared to… Eeeh… RAID aka. autoplay at 4x speed) I am looking forward to the grind. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, level 4 and its a bust. Paaaay to play. Man, I really love D&D, but this just sucks.


I’m at the last level of Harvestshield and stuck at the first dungeon. I got this far only because I spent 4.5k gems to get 110k gold. And I’m down to below 30k. But all my eq is leveled up and heroes too lvl 10-lvl 8.

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It’s absolutely ridiculous. There doesn’t even seem to be a way to actively earn gold in anywhere near the quantities the game requires. I gotta hope that the devs take a long look at what they are doing and decide exactly what kind of developer and people they want to be.

Until then I’d suggest to anyone wanting a DnD game check out Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. That dev team has their eyes on the players heart not their wallet.


I’m also “stuck” at the lvl 4 mark with 5 characters. The xp and rewards ratio is really lame. I’ve played other games with almost the exact same reward system and ended up quitting after a couple weeks. Even if you focus on the original 4 chars. You can’t possibly keep up with difficulty with the rewards given unless you pay to play or don’t mind waiting and waiting for chests to unlock or your free daily chest. I want to play… Don’t force me to wait or pay. Of course it’s expected to some degree but in this case it’s pretty redonculous.

I HATE the chest cooldowns. You can’t even remove a lower level chest to make space for a chance for a better one (pvp). I have to wait to fight a minimum of 3 hours so I can not afford to upgrade?or fight and miss a better chest that I won’t be able to afford either?
There’s just too much to upgrade with the little gold you receive…

This game has a lot of potential and I was really excited until I realized by lvl 2 what was coming… Deja Vu

At least let us replay stages that have been cleared… Then we could sell more items as well as gain the miniscule xp.


That’s what I wish they would do; let us replay old missions. Even if it took a while, at least you could gain small amounts of gold and xp.


Im hearing you. Lvl 4 to 5 here and the game has ground to a halt. I understand the reasoning behind making us lvl up all characters for the arena as its random. I can live with that frustration but i can no longer afford to lvl them up. I cant beleive the gem cost for gold and the cash cost for gems. This game needs to be changes stat. Im enjoying it…im a p2p player but not at this rediculous cost. I even went vip to support the game. But i will not spend another cent on the game until it is fixed.
Everyone needs to make sure thier review warns ppl this is an expensive p2p game and download with caution.
Because i was hooked from the start. Its a shame now im looking to delete it. Or at least park it until the gold distribution is resolved. I dont mind a grind as long as its worth it…4gp when i need 1000 os not worth it.


Right now there is an event challenge that gives double gold for 3 gems, play that. You’ll end up ahead, always pick gold or gems.

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You’d think devs would pay attention to other high-profile mobile releases and avoid the same issues that put those players on the warpath. Blades came out with virtually same issues re: gold usage vs gold accrual speed and chest timers virtually forcing players to play the game in 15 minute intervals every 3 hours while they waited for a chest to open… This has no parallel in DnD gameplay, so the blatant pay-to-play is terribly annoying. I spend way too much on mobile games, but I want it to be by choice, not mandated to simply play the game…


Product managers: please rethink gold rewards from playing explore and battle. Please reduce chest cooldown. Please give me a way to spend a small amount of money for the ability to play your great game more often.


I was just thinking this exact same thing. Though arguably Waterdeep here is even worse. At least the 3 hour timers were for Silver chests in Blades, the lowest one, Woodens, were still a 5 second unlock time. With Waterdeep their LOWEST is 3 hours. What the actual heck were they thinking?

Personally I’ve all but stopped playing this game already because of the level 4 wall. Even with only a summer semester of game design I can tell you this is unbalanced as bleep and just out to milk wallets.


This game is basically a mobile game for the Beedle & Grimm crowd.

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I’m voting for gold and xp change also, it’s ridiculous how much you need after 4th level I’m stuck dying with cyclop’s and waiting for chest to open and challenge s


All of you who have spent money on this game are the reason why mobile games like this are toxic money grabs. Have some dignity, and not waste really money on gems.