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The Goods and Bads of 2.1

Please share your thoughts here. Personally I think a lot of this stuff is really good, but Gemini is giving me flashbacks.

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The Good:

  1. New Creatures
  2. Maxima and Tryko nerfed
  3. Cunning buffs

The Bad:

  1. Maxima nerfed too hard, specifically with the two-turn could on TSR. Some other nerfs could be toned down too.
  2. I’m disappointed in the direction they went for the Tryko nerfs, even if it is objectively more balanced now. I would rather they had targeted it’s resilient impact rather then it’s resilient counter. That was what made it unique, and gave it a lot of interesting strategies.
  3. Gemini is a bit too strong now. 2 turn cooldown on DSA might help.
  4. The cunning buffs will not be enough to stop the dominace of resilients, mark my words.
  5. All the other stuff they didn’t address in this update.

tryko is a lot more balanced than it is in 2.0, it’s not bad but its not OP.

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a lot of good things coming.
i’ll focus on what i think are the cons tho.
Maxima: too many tweaks all at once. 1-2 of them would’ve been reasonable. 5+ is too much.
Gemini: basically a better version of the current maxima which we wanted balanced to begin with.
Hadro Lux: it is going to be a hard thing to counter with double rampages and the 1x counter.
Tryko: not the preferred nerf, but i’m willing to see where it goes.
Cunning Creatures: tho they were buffed in stats, that doesn’t really address the main problem.
Unfixed issues: enough said.
Exclusive creatures: another exclusive epic sauropod. can we stop with so many exclusives? just add more zones and decrease the size of each. plenty of spaces for creatures then.


-We get the sloth, dodi, a new rare after how long again? Poukaidei for (possiblity) helping mid-level players against Mortem, and a new Apex.
-Cunning creatures got some buffs.
-Tryko is balanced now.
-New raid mechanics and creature identity will work well.

-Ardentist is WAY underpowered now for the “new” players who go for it. They have to hunt a daily rare, local epic, and exclusive epic all for a brachiosaur with no armor, distraction resistance (even though it should have some from ardonto), rampage cooldowns, and losing to cunning creatures it shouldn’t lose to.
-Entelolania conflicts with Mammolania too much, and you have a pvp focused and raid focused hybrid to go for now.
-Gemini might have been buffed, but DSA will likely either go back to the 1.5 multiplier, or gain a 2 turn cooldown.
-Cunning creatures are still the weakest of the 3 classes.

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You say that but watch lol

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Don’t think so. It is no where near as bulky for a start, 50% distraction resistance actually makes a bigger difference than you’d expect, and runs out of options even faster. Current Max has a better chance of surviving after turn 3 than new Gemini does, even with GI’s buff


If we assume there won’t be game breaking bugs with all the new content, here are some goods and bads.

The goods

  • More raids and raid improvements
  • minor buffs to Dracoceratosaurus, Dilophoboa, Haast eagles, Indoraptors, Ornithomimus, Pyroraptor, Smilocephalosaurus, Smilodon, Smilonemys, Triceratops
  • Magna’s DSR changed to Fierce Rampage
  • much needed buff to Nodopatosaurus, hopefully making it viable
  • some bug fixes… who knows :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Bads

  • Definite Shield Advantage is now 2x, making it too powerful
  • Allo gen2 lost 600 HP for no apparent reason. It wasn’t dominating anything and was helpful in Raids…
  • Maxima was over-nerfed, waaaay more than expected or necessary
  • minor buff to Erlidominus, but may be more than enough to make it too oppressive again. It was balanced as a glass cannon, people tend to boost its HP too much so a 300 HP will make a difference with boosts.
  • minor buff to Quetzorion which wasn’t really necessary either, it has 3 strong defensive tools…
  • unnecessary nerf to Koolabourgiania… 200 attack slashed, it’s not even a meta creature
  • unnecessary nerf to Koolasuchus, 600 HP down the drain pipe
  • Skoolasaurus and Toujiangosaurus also ate the nerf-bat
  • New epic sauropod is yet another event exclusive

Overall it’s a typical update by Ludia - a few steps in the right direction, more steps in the wrong direction and 1-2 steps in no direction at all.


Everything as been said already, but hey, we don’t have the same priorities, so here’s my plus and minus:

NEW RAIDS (and online players will be on top of our friend list)
Maxima and Tryko nerfed
Will be able to run both towers if I want to (yep, even if everybody is saying Maxima is useless now, I still think it’s a top 8…)
No talk yet about removing Megascents (crossing fingers on that one)

Will wait to see how many bugs have been fixed, but not hoping for much I guess… (Connection issues, timer going down and PvP not starting, etc. )
If we thought that Mortem was hard, it does look like Lux will be a BEAST. Long time until oct 6th before I can find out if I’m right or not. Wish it would have came out this week :slight_smile:
No information about if or how long we will keep double boss in the raids…
Nothing about improving matchmaking…

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Abbreviated expletives



  • Tryko and Ardentis nerf
  • Cunning buffs
  • New dinos to hunt!
  • New raids, I guess… (I’m bored of them already, but I’m glad others are excited)


  • Ardentis was TOO badly nerfed
  • ANOTHER exclusive dino? Really?
  • Nothing done about resilient moves, the real reason cunning critters are failing
  • Most cunning critters got a buff, but what about Utasino and Utarinex? Perhaps the latter may be better, but Utasino suffered badly because of the previous nerf.
  • No Carnotarkus buff
  • Grypo’s change will possibly make it worse
  • The map is going to be too cluttered with two raid dinos on it. Now more than ever, we need the option to hide certain aspects to make hunting easier.
  • Entelolania seems to be pretty awful.
  • Speaking of awful, DC is still better than the hybrid, even if you don’t take into account the meta. Again, cunning critters can’t do anything against a fierce critter that can cleanse distraction. Stop allowing everything to cleanse distraction, Ludia!
  • Definite Shield Advantage x2 is ridiculous. No move should do 2x damage guaranteed.

it’s basically Definite Rampage with a shield :frowning:

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Lol this literally changes nothing about it :joy: But other then that I agree with your points.


Good Stuff:

  • Maxima nerf
  • Tryko nerf
  • More raids
  • Cunning buffs
  • Allo G2 nerf, thing had way more health than it had any business having.
  • Eremotherium. Cutest creature in the game by a landslide.
  • Poukaidei, finally.
  • More stuff to hunt for.
  • Nodopato buffs, for those who use it. Very worthy trade to get rid of the counter.


  • Gemini is now 2 rampages. Wonderful.
  • Maxima got hit too hard. Should’ve kept either the health or armor.
  • Entelolania looks…mediocre at best. And now Meiolania is split between two unique creatures, both of which also require mammoth DNA.
  • New Apex looks absolutely busted. Hopefully that gets nerfed before anyone gets it.
  • Thor wasn’t buffed. He really needs a buff. Nothing major, just give Thor his rampage back. And maybe 10% armor or something.
  • Orion didn’t need 300 extra health. As much as I like Orion, defensive options already make up half its kit.
  • Bleeder numbers are still low.

Hmm yeah you are right. I was thinking about Fierce Impact when I wrote it. I was quite happy Magna’s damage potential may be lowered a bit :thinking:

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Not much is bad in this update. It’s a good one, tho it doesn’t change the most important problems right now (except Ardmax)



1 new dinosaur
More raids


It’s exclusive
I hate raids


Completely agree, don’t think i have that much else to say lol

I do love the new raids, that’s the best part of the update

New creatures and hybrids are always good but they don’t seem that good this time, I’m still waiting for old hybrids to finally get their superhybrid

To me the biggest disappointment in updates always ends up being the way they decide to nerf creatures. This update was the perfect exemple with Tryko and Maxima. They both needed a nerf but with both of them It was done in the worst way i could imagine.

I really hope for the introduction of strong bleeders and ferocious-fierce uniques, as well as buffing of the current bleeders, It wasn’t this time


They both needed a nerf but with both of them it was done in the worst way I could imagine

Tryko’s nerf was perfectly fine, it will still be a good creature but not broken.

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The problem is tryko is still slightly broken as in it can still deal with cunning creatures with ease. The counter only really effects only creature that couldn’t counter it before: tenato. Everything else stays the exact same the only difference is you cant swap tryko on a speedster thats literally it. The biggest problem is, that like tenato, tryko is a chomper that can just destroy cunning creatures.