[The great Bingo]Guess the next ones

Well the principle of the game is quite simple:
Guess what are the next tournament rewards, creature of the month, Seasonal, and finally the next 4 bosses(if there are any),as well as an upcoming hybrid :

1/Team tournament reward:

therefore as a reminder, it must contain at least 1 exclusive ingredient and is unique.

April:Testacornibus Excluvive:Nasutoceratops
May:Tenontorex Exclusive:Tenontosaurus
June:Ardentismaxima Exclusive:Brachiosaurus
July:Diloracheirus Exclusive:dilophosaurus
August:Quetzorion Exclusive:Quetzacoatl
September: Geminititan Exclusive:Diplodocus
October:Spinoconstrictor Exclusive:Titanoboa
November:Skoonasaurus Exclusive:Saunosaurus

What Unique getting exclusive do we have left?
Utarinex: Exclusive:Dracorex
Monolorhino: Exclusive:Wooly rhino
Antarctovenator: Exclusive:Antarctopelta
Poukandactylus: Exclusive: Haast eagle

Dsungaripterus,alloG2,kelenken,wuerhosaurus,blue don’t have an unique yet.

2/Creature of the month

One requirement:Need to be epic

there is less chance that it is a reward of the month that we have already seen

December : Wooly mammoth
November: Stygimoloch
October: Scutosaurus
January:Wooly Rhino

3/The Next 4 bosses:

As a reminder:The epic,legendary and unique until there don’t bring any exclusive component.
For the Apex:guess what class it will be.and design.

4/The upcoming hybrid

Remember this simple rule for creating your hybrid:
Any exclusive DNA can only have one hybrid so far.


August:Haast eagle
September:Wooly rhino

It is more likely to be an exclusive.

So for me
I bet on
Team tourney:Antarctovenator
Creature of the month:Acrocanthosaurus
Next 4 bosses:Aquilamimus,Eremoceros,Magnapyrritor,and for Apex:Another cunnning,probably a raptor
Next hybrid: Alloraptor + Megisthoterium.
Next seasonal: Antarctopelta


Team tourney: Poukandactylus (Haast eagle)

Creature of the month: Antarctopelta

Next 4 bosses: Kentrosaurus, Tragodistis, Tenontorex, APEX: Fierce, pteranodon

Next hybrid: Scutosaurus + Inostherium

Next seasonal: Diplodocus

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Also, do we like get a point for every thing guessed correctly? Or does it work differently?

Yup,1 point for every good answer.
About The 4 booses:it will be 0,25 for each correct answer.

I don’t think ludia will create tenontorex unique raid boss since tenontosaurus is exclusive.

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glitch on the system?

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Here’s my bingo card.

Championship: Antarticapelta

Daily Mission: Woolly Mammoth

Raid Creatures: Pyroraptor, Gigaspikasaurus, Touramoloch, Monofurorem (apex monolophosaurus)

New Hybrid: Carnoraptor (carnotaurus + alloraptor)

Seasonal: Megistotherium

oops,i correct this

Yes carnoraptor was a thing in JWTG,it would be nice to see it back!

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Championship: that pokudai hybrid
Daily Mission: Haast eagle
Raid: carbonemys, Dimodactylus, Spinoyx, Spinoconstrictor, Big bird(Haast eagle apex)
Hybrid: Hatzmodactylus (Dimodactylus+Hatzegopteryx)
Season: Carbonemys
Hotel: Trivago


chamionship: antracovantor
creature of the month: gryposuchus (so far only 1 hasn’t been a counterpart for a unique)
next 4 bosses: Blue, Carnotarkus, Erlidominus (so far every indy counterpart except for g2’s are a raid), cunning (raptor)
next hybrid: ermeceros plus megistotherium
seasonal: Diplodocus

Championship: Antarcovenator
CotM: Wooly Mammoth
Bosses: Ankylosaurus, Ardontosaurus, Spinoconstrictor, Apex will be either a fierce wolf or cunning raptor
Hybrid: Grylenken + Diplocaulus2
Seasonal: Brachi

Some of these were based on datamine and others from patterns I see

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Not too bad,except as i said above,actually ,there is no esclusive in the component of every raid boss,so its very risky to put your bets on blue and carnotarkus which require wuerhosaurus



Dimocat pteranadon momomimus gigantasaurus

Instrothermimus insrothermaniam orthomimus


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1 antarctovanator
2 Acro
3 kentro, Skoolo, Magna, Apex sauropod
4 Alloraptor hybrid probably with Carno
5 Diplodocus

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Diplodocus would be ideal

@Entelochops @Bub @MINMI earn their first point,wooly mammoth is the next daily mission,congratulation

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Yeah Boooooi

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Wahoo! Just four more correct and I hit bingo :grin:

Wait is everyone just spitballing that Alloraptor is probably next for a super hybrid or is it like statistically very probable to be next in line?

No idea one anything