[The great Bingo]Guess the next ones

Considering you have 1 unique tourney with 1 exclusive component every month,and ludia only have 4 choices left,they will probably introduce more exclusives unique to feed the tourneys soon:
Alloraptor,grylenken , dsungaia and acrocanthops are more likely to get first their unique before the rest.

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Thank you for that analysis!

Well, that’s exciting. Alloraptor is one of my favorite designs in the game, I’m very interested in investing in it for its eventual super-hybrid. Just hope it’s fused to be something cool, not something like this lol


That’s what they did for anarctoplovinator we could have had a cool ankyosaur unique with the diplovinator head but no we get spiky diplovinator

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Oh my god:
Antarctovenator is not that hard to pronunce


Yes I cant wait

Tommorow we will have the information about the next championship and the next seasonal.

Everyone got wrong about the next seasonal which is Dsungaripterus:0 point for everyone.
About team tournament reward:It will be ANTARCTOVENATOR

@MINMI @Colin , @Bub , @Justen_Toivonen and I got 1 point:

Here is the current position:

Minmi:2 points
Thebub14:2 points
Entleochops:1 point
Colin:1 point
Justen_toivonen: 1 point
Me: 1 point


Yeeeeeeee boi
This is a sentence

Yeahhhhh! 2 in a row!

Dsungaripterus surprise me,I almost forgot this one!

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