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The Great Event Dino Extinction


Even though the schedule showed that there wasn’t going to be any event dinos today I held on to hope that it was a mistake and just a diplocalus in the wires.

I see that was a mistake. Even when I have completed all attempts on event dinos it is nice to at least see them or be able to spin the event spots.

I didn’t even think about it until not seeing event spots today but no coins/cash/scent from those on the “off days”.

Kinda bummed…need cat gifs.


I have yet to see a positive post about these PvE changes.

It seems the overwhelming majority of the playerbase shares your sentiments :slight_smile:



On the other hand, thanks for freeing up a lot more time on a Friday for me, Ludia!


Yeah I really don’t get having zero featured dinosaurs. Not sure what that is accomplishing except making the game more boring than it already is …




Our alliance has been close to level 5 every other Friday until today. This week has been super unmotivational. Maybe it’s leading to something great next week, sure hope so.

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I hope so. My alliance is rocking 1/5 idle due to this week. I don’t blame them either.


On a good note I will probably hit 100k of irritator gen 2 :grin: secret goal of mine. :roll_eyes:


Yeah - the good news is I am getting more done during the day since I am not playing JWA. You know, important things, like posting here about how few dinos are out there :rofl:


I have seen comments that suggest Ludia think we’re getting too much DNA. That frankly is not the case. We are at a point now (before these changes) that was spot on. These changes were not needed nor warranted.


I’m totally agree with u, JuggerNutt. Knowing from the schedule that there are not event dinos today, but green poles should not be disappeared like this. Even no event dinos, player should collect coins from the green poles although it might not be dino at that poles. This mean tomorrrow there will be no green poles here until 3PM at night (in Thailand) so how can i collect 7500 coins from the green poles that i should collect everyday

Really BAD MOVE again Ludia!!!