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The Great JWA Tournament: The Finale

The Finale Has Arrived! Through hard work and bloodshed, Two fighters have emerged victorious through their battles! In fact the only tie was between the two. Maybe that tie will be broken by the fact that Allosaurus Gen 2, and Tyrannosaurus Rex will get to choose minions. That is correct, the finale will be raid battle style! After a quick discussion, They both decided on taking a healer, a speed demon, and a health tank to fight alongside them. Allo Gen 2 chose Brachiosaurus, Pyroraptor, and Ouranosaurus to fight alongside him, while Rex called dibs on Maiasaura, Blue, and Diplodocus. Let the battle begin, and if you want describe the battle in the chat!

  • T-Rex Team
  • Allosaurus Gen 2 Team

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Who votes for Allosaurus Gen2?

Ourano was the Better healer and can cover the rest of the team