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The Great Rewards Revamp!

Offshoot (sequel? spinoff?) of this thread: The Great Arena Revamp!

It’s abundantly clear that the community feels that particularly for the arena but in other aspects of the game some of the rewards for progressing are either slow or lacklustre.

The case in point spurring on the creation of this post is higher-tier arena rewards; when the difference between arena rewards is minor, a number of us are more interested in claiming the rewards that are easy by fighting in arenas we have a far greater win chance at. Some players, only interested in the Incubators, might be inclined to switch their teams to include particularly-powerful creatures to guarantee a win against much weaker opponents.

Both in an effort to curb this practice and to encourage players to strive to be the best they can be, the various arenas need a boost to their rewards that feels significant from tier to tier; the highest-level players should also feel particularly rewarded for making it to the final arena and competing among those who put the most time, effort, and ability into their progression.

So with that in mind, how would these rewards change? Would they remain DNA, just a lot more of it? Would it be an increase in coins? Or something as-yet unseen in the game? Post ideas here!

Inspired by @Schtemty

How about Aviary offering 5 apex dna per full week, Library 10 apex dna per full week, gyro 15 per full week and shores 20 per full week. You only get the amount according to a full week in that arena… if you drop you get the lower amount and go lower than aviary you get none.

The game has a huge issue already with low level players getting access to apex dinos which is just plain daft. So let’s get the long term players feeling more rewarded by giving them a chance to earn more apex dna and lower levels won’t be able to until they reach higher arenas.

This alone may be enough, but farming incubators is still an issue for those who want the boosts, so again we could make the rewards from incubators better too as the arena gets higher.

If more players try and get up to the shores to get the best rewards there will be more players to match and the waiting time won’t be so bad. But in the meantime I can’t see why AI battles can’t be an option.


I think the main place where we need better rewards is raid battles. All you get is a handful of DNA for the boss dino and a few others: no boosts, no cash, not even any coins! And you get even less if you beat the boss again. I get that they don’t want bosses to be too farmable, but currently there’s barely enough motivation to do most of them at all (at least for me). Plus, people are already complaining about the number of bosses: do they really think players are going to sit down and farm hundreds of boss battles per day when even doing four bosses a day is too many? The only reasons I do any raid battles is if a) I actually want the DNA (mostly Apex raids) or b) I take pity on the person asking me for help in the raid. Getting a tiny bit of legendary DNA isn’t enough to motivate me to participate. Raids need to have actual rewards besides a bit of DNA: some coins or even cash, a boost or two, FIP resources, a low level incubator, SOMETHING. Because currently it’s usually not worth it to engage at all with this aspect of the game, which I’m sure isn’t what Ludia intended.


This works well as an incentive for me! I feel if I push myself I could certainly to well back at my previous trophy counts (I have more Uniques unlocked that I’ve never used, after all), but while I like my Alliance as a fun and friendly bunch I don’t think we’re at all set up to take on Apex raids as a group. This would give me incentive to climb, and give me an avenue to work toward getting my first Apex, even if it takes awhile.

Could take an idea from Pokemon Go and add a special Dna that can be turned into any non-hybrid (that you already have) DNA as a raid reward. Call em stem cells or frog DNA or whatever. It’d give high level players more of a reason to do “useless” raids like Erlikogamma and help newer players with grinding rare spawn dinos.

To prevent new players getting a lvl 20 epic far too quickly you could make it so 1 Frog DNA = 1 Common, 2 Frog DNA = 1 Rare etc etc.
Coins ontop of this would make raiding a much more rewarding experience for the time you have to put in.


I like it, anything is better than what we have now

I was thinking about this again today, and I’m wondering about smaller steps to get us going on the increasing rewards thing.

Reach 3000 trophies: no longer get the puny white 15-min incubator (just skip that in the rotation).
Reach 4000 trophies: the big blue incubator becomes noticeably more common.
Reach 5000 trophies: the big epic incubator becomes noticeably more common.
Reach 6000 trophies: add a slight chance to receive a Legendary incubator.
Each subsequent 1000 trophies up increases the odds of getting the three bigger incubators.