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The great update made me consider uninstall the game

Man, this by far is one of the greatest update for regular players. I can’t wait to uninstall the game after seeing the boosts got down graded that much. Well done indeed!


Do it already, I don’t want to hear it.


Ive just loaded it and im stuggling to see the point now. Hardly any boosts to use keep losing and the ones i spent many hours upgrading and levelling just seems pointless now. I would rather restart from the beginning and work my way up again


That’s actually a decent idea. I did that and found the game to be more exciting in the initial phases. Also realized all arenas are essentially the same except for the self realized prestige. Plus, no boosts until L10!

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Is there even a way to restart mines through facebook so i think im screwed. I either put up with it or move on. I will give it couple days to see if it levels it self out a bit

You have a Google account? There are several options: Ask to have account reset (not recommended) or create new through Google/facebook.

Make sure to record your login and SUPPORT KEY before beginning the process.

Process: Log out of game, restart game, choose to create new login.

Boosts broke the game. They deserved this, now stop moaning cus they started fixing the game. In fact I want people like you to go away, cus you helped ruin it by abusing boosts and being annoying.


Agreed, the ones complaining the most seem to be those who bought big into boosts, gained trophies through boosted lower level creatures and are now dropping arenas to levels where they should be.

The arena seems better balanced right now. I like it.


Same, ludia will Receive receive a 2 star rating from me. You guys should do the same on the App Store

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The problem is not just the big spenders. Anyone who saved game cash from boxes, incubators, and alliance missions only to spend it on boosts got a bad deal. The problem was boosts were the best use for game cash at the time. Buying incubators or scent caps just gives you so much junk DNA that is was not worth it.


This is so true

Well, things change. They change often here when money grabs happen.
I hope you enjoyed your purchases, when they were relevant.

Not to be mean, many of us spent big on “x” meta before they nerfed it.

That was reported by Metahub, a long time ago.

You do realize this update is not going to fix the boost issue? It’s just going to makes boosts a whales game, keep average players from spending money, drop the overall revenue of the game and then I hope you enjoyed JWA, when Ludia considered it relevant.


Welcome Sam_Smith…LOL

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Boosts still actually have the same overall ‘worth’ they just provide less growth per boost at lower tiers and more growth at higher tiers.

In the old system, for 2054 boosts you can get one stat to level 10 and gain 50% Attack advantage. In the new system it costs 2000 boosts to get to tier 20 and gain 50% Attack advantage. They are exactly the same, they did not lose any ‘value.’ Actually, users are saving 54 boosts now to “max” out a stat!

What users cannot do now is spend 254 boosts to gain 43% at tier 7. For 200 boosts they will get to tier 2 and gain 4%. All users who were at Tier 7 in the old system will be at Tier 2 in the new system. They still have the same ‘advantage’ so to speak in that they are stronger than a user who did not use boosts, or who is only boosted to Tier 1. It will seem like a lot less because it is not as dramatic an increase, but it is the same ‘advantage’ as before. Yes, you are doing less actual ‘damage’ to your opponent but not at a disadvantage.

This new system encourages leveling creatures up to take advantage of their leveling increase in stats. When boosted, it increases that by the percentage of whatever tier the user is boosted.


Regardless of what they did to the boosts, many of us have lost all or many supply drops/event towers and sanctuaries. For some, this makes the game entirely unplayable, as we cannot participate in anything on a regular basis. If they only kept messing with boosts, I could still play, but alas, this awful update has taken everything out of my neighborhood. Boosts and the arena are meaningless with no ability to gather DNA


First, you can have a calculated formula for what is fair but it does not make it a good deal. I could take someone’s money and give them it’s value in dirt but all they see is dirt and they don’t want dirt.

Second, you are dealing with people. To paraphrase Men in Black, a person is rational but people are crazy and panic. They don’t see the equal value all they see is they had 8 6/6/6 boosted and now only have 1.

I have never invested cash into this game but hours of battling and building up boosts to try to keep it with everyone now when i battled today i was killing 1 dino a match if lucky to get daily reward. Im sure it will level out over time but my personal choice would be no boosts at all

Stop being salty the games being fixed! Jeez

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I would be happier if they refunded me the game cash and I had no boosts