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The green drop issue

so is this deliberate? is this actually how Ludia want the game to be now? or is it a glitch they are trying to fix, even though last week it was actually back to normal? some info from the dev’s would be handy here…

I think this shrink of green supply boxes will continue.

Ludia don’t have a purpose to give away tons of great dna in the game.

If players want to level up, they will need to work more and harder.

A shrink of green boxes gives

  1. Less coins. We buy more coins.
  2. Less sanctuari components. The game takes longer time to reach end.
    We spend more money on the Vip.


I think they seen more players getting to level 30 faster then expected.

In other words, they slow down the progress.

then why dont they communicate this? instead of leaving us scratching our heads posting for days about missing drops etc. ugh

If so they should just nerf the amount of coins given and the amount of attempts on event dinos, not make the supply drops unavailable.

Because if you ignore someone they will generally assume the issue is being worked on and be quite lol

I half agree.

By shrink the green boxes players also need to spend more time to find them, and during this time they also find more wild dna. When finding more dna you want to level more and need more coins.

If this state will be permanent, they sending a signal that we should focus on leveling up our dinos and not overboost a few.

The trend also seems to shrink the avaliable dna. Example the alliance reward and the green boxes. And also having specific epic dna on specific days.

The trend seems to be focused on spending money on coins. A great cash-grab for players in the middle zon of the game. While end players spending money on boosts.

the green stops are sooooo far apart and so few that you cant just go for a walk. you need to drive around to find them. sorta not the point of the game. and dangerous


Or take the bus and bring some :coffee:

You have a point. But I’d hate If that were permanent :sweat_smile: the amount of time necessary to drive around( and that’s not how It should be) just to complete the attempts is insane. I’d like to think they will fix this lack of supply drops.