The grind is real with this game :0

This has taken me since game launch, too say it’s rewarding is understatement. The one thing I love about this game is it’s longevity. Frustrating at times but so satisfying. Time to hunt erlikos again :smiley:


I just maxed mine 2 weeks ago. Created it from scratch using 2 attempts on St Paddy’s day last year. Took forever. Lucky for you erlik is global now; I literally maxed mine the day it became global :sob:

@Roary same here! I had just got mine to max and then it went global lol! Now I find them and get a tab it frustrated. It might make another hybrid, who knows.


@Phil. For sure. Also gave my mine a level for the tourney. That finished up the rex/raptor family of epics for me; so I can overlevel all that fun stuff now lol.


Mine is level 28 and I’ve been playing since June 2018!

It is certainly a grind, and it sure adds longevity when it takes this long.

But so rewarding when you hit another level


The grind is definitely part of the fun which is why I love the rare snake and Baja even though one is dawn/dusk and the other a park spawn. What isn’t fun is FIPing in sanctuaries as the only source of DNA - looking at you Mammoth and epic snake …


The grind is what I like at this game. My Erli still waits in line that I’ll max it. In a day or two I’ll have maxed Indo, then comes Erli (120 dna from lvl 29).
FIPing is worst grinding option, but we have no choise lately.

You have your indo and tryko maxed too?


Indeed @Phil dio/tryko/indo/earl. The whole rex/anky family. So as of now, I’ve been slowly multifusing indom 1. As of this morning it’s ready to be leveled to 27, but I plan on waiting til it hits 30 before I do spend the coin


Daaaaang that’s legit.

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