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'The Grown Ups' is recruiting 5/4 alliance

We are a 5/4 Alliance with a great bunch of people! We play daily, use discord to communicate but also try to keep the game fun rather than a chore. We have a couple of spaces free at the moment, so if your a daily player, complete DBIs and willing to join discord, free to message if your interested.

Hello, I’d be interested in joining your Alliance. I am in one at the minute but it is full of ‘Guests’ who come and go constantly. I’d like a more stable alliance with communication.

My only uncertainty is I’m not really sure how to use Discord, but more than willing to learn. I don’t have the most amazing team since I’ve not been playing properly for very long. I’m part of a very nice faction on Walking Dead Road to Survival where we value each member and work fairly together so we all benefit. I’d love to have a similar feeling.

Let me know if you would want me in your alliance, I’d be more than happy :blush:

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Hey! I had never used discord until we created one for our alliance and same with Alot of others in the alliance. It’s a app, that you download, and we have a chat room for our alliance where we talk, Alot easier than the ingame chat. Once you’ve created an account on there, I can add you to the group. If you send a request to ‘The Grown Ups’ and let me know your player name then I can make sure I accept the right person haha.

If you can get on and do your Dbis and contribute then we are happy to take in newer players. It helps to have lower level players as you will probably be requesting dna that we have plenty of so it helps with the dna missions so we see it as a positive.

We have a good bunch here :slight_smile:

Hey Chonie, thank you for your reply. I have a discord account and stuff all set up so just need to get used to using it. I was the same way with Line before but now I use that all the time. I will send an request now if that’s okay, my username is JRLiam in the game and just Liam on Discord I’m sure. My display photo will be of a handsome black dog :blush:

I’ve sent a request in game now, but looks like the alliance is full :slightly_frowning_face:

Wife and I could join, we both have used discord but prefer the in game text if that’s a deal breaker. We are EST

Any chance you are still looking? I’m level 18, not the most experienced player but I do play everyday. always complete my dailies and get my DBI as a minimum. Plus I do 90mins + walking a day which gives me good time to dart and collect drops. I will always give what I can when I can dna wise

@Grex - TerrorLizards is recruiting if you’re still looking! We would be happy to have you!

Those of you trying to get in this clan…go for it. …they are great bunch of folks there…it’s a very strong team oriented yet not slave driving clan…had alot of success there in the past .

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