'The Grown Ups' recruiting. We have 2x Lvl 20 sancts and 10/8 rewards

We have 2 spaces available atm. We have a Level 20 shared sanctuary, so you will be required to join our Discord to stay in the loop with organisation. Nearly all of our players are long term, looking for daily players like us to fill the remaining spaces.


If you had three open slots, I’d be game. I have two buddies irl that recently started playing and are levels 11 and 9. I’m a level 20 player and bounce between the library and the gyrosphere depot with 5300-5600 trophies. I’m an active daily player and so are my buddies and I’d love to get them into a much bigger and higher alliance as the one I created gets us to 3/10 or 4/10 and max level 8 sanctuary as we only have 12-14 members. I know the lower leveled players can be more of a burden with requests and unable to contribute as much but both of my friends are pretty avid players now, especially the level 9 friend. If you do end up with three open slots, and would be willing to take my friends along with me, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised at the contributions we could make. I had applied with TrykoCarnage just a few days ago but unfortunately their leader filled the two slots before I was really able to be an option on the table. So I’ve been feeling out different alliance posts looking for members and most want end game top level players and I’d like to get my friends some extra help beyond just what I can provide them in a solid alliance so that their enthusiasm for the game will remain. So if three slots become available, and you don’t bringing in two lower level eager players alongside a high level, seasoned player who can contribute quite a bit, then please let me know so that we can talk more. Thanks

Player level isn’t really an issue, providing they are active :slight_smile: some of our most active players started with us at a lower level. Can you let me know your Player names and numbers # so we can send an invite? Or alternatively all put requests into ‘The Grown Ups’ … Will just have to let me know names so the right people get accepted :slight_smile:

**** SPACES AVAILABLE AGAIN! **** 2 spaces for definite, potentially 2 more to follow. Please message if interested!

Hi! I’m interested to join and I’m an active player :slight_smile: let me know how I can get in.

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5100 trop and level 20

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I would like to join if there’s still a spot open. Daily player, level 20, 5017 trophies.

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hello, I’d like to join you if you have a spot available. I am new and I would like to have teams of experienced players to be able to perform well and not affect the dynamics of the alliance.
I tried to contact the discord but it does not allow me to send messages to the managers