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"The Guild" - 120K Team Score - The most active guild in the game is recruiting

Want to have your gear requests fulfilled quickly by a strong and competitive team? ‘The Guild’ is recruiting and we pride ourselves on our highly active members. We are looking for new recruites with trophy scores above 2000 to replace a couple non-active members. Leave a message to keep updated on openings.

We have another new opening!

This is a great guild if anyone is looking!

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Thanks, I sure think so!

I just sent a join request - beastvold79 is my name in-game. My current rank is 2386. I’m overall level 17. I’m looking for an active guild. Hope there’s still a spot left!

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Beastvold, I just accepted you. Welcome!

Another open spot for someone that is ready to have their gear requests quickly filled. Our team trophy score is climbing above 100K. Come have fun with us!

Could be interesting 3300 trophy very active

@Krom You would be in good company with others at/near your level. You are welcome to join.

‘The Guild’ has a team trophy count that is raising with active members. We still have a couple spaces with inactive members for those interested. Looking for 2000+ trophy counts.

@Krom Thanks for joining!

How many members in your guild have a zero donation score? Take a look at ours. We currently have a spot available. Willing to boot anyone below 1000 for a quality member.

im at 4100 can i join?

@ZilA I have a spot for you, but I dont see your request yet. I would be happy to accept you.

I cant join, its full 50/50

I am looking at 49/50. Try again in a bit there might be some delay as I made changes recently.

ok i will look again

weird it still says 50/50

I just restarted to make sure I wasn’t glitches and I definitely am at 49/50. I will guarantee you a spot today for your impressive score. I’m sure at some point you will be able to get the request in. Let me know if it doesn’t work.