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'The Guild' Recruiting Party! You are invited!

‘The Guild’ is having a recruiting party on Monday January 13th! Everyone is invited. There will be a minimum cover at the door of 2000 trophies points that you get to keep after entering. We will have a disco ball and a DJ along with bologna sandwiches. Punch will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own beverages. We look forward to seeing you there!


You forgot to specify location and time.

I’m just going to assume it’s going to be at the YMCA gymnasium at 7 pm just like every single event in this town.

You’ll recognize me as the guy with the moon and stars wizzard hat (I made the it out of tin foil).


Perfect! There will be name tags by the door when you walk in. I will look for you, our first guest of honor!

Today is the recruitment party for ‘The Guild’! If you would like to be in the most active guild in the game and also have a trophy score above 2000, we have a spot for you.

So I went to the Y (with my tin foil wizzard hat so you guys would recognize me) and they were doing a drop-in Latin dance lesson thing in the gymnasium.

There was a lot more women than men there so I had to partner up immediately. I was told (by another student I think?) that I was not allow to sit down, let alone sneak out.

Learned the basic steps to merengue, salsa and buchada. I’m not great with rumba though because sometimes I forget which foot to move in which direction. Also I’m terrible at mambo, cuz stepping on the 2 is really tricky when you start on the 1 for everything.

I’m invited back next week, but the instructor asked a little too enthusiastically, which creeped me out.

I kind of suck at dancing but it felt like I fell into this as a back up dancer without knowing how I got there:


@retsamerol It sounds like you had an eventful experience! I really wish I would have had an opportunity to chat with you. Unfortunately for me, my stomach wasn’t responding well to the bologna sandwiches and they were quickly looking to find an exit. I did pass by the Latin Dance Lessons on my way to look for relief and was greated by a very inviting women in a green dress that I had to quickly decline. I am certain that her strange reaction was due to my suddenly distorted face from the onset of painful cramping. I quickly made my way to a utility closet that I thought was a bathroom. It was very very unfortunate that I got myself locked in with my stomach in that condition.