The gyrospheres

Many of us here have good opinions of the gyrosphere but we have often talked about the poor rewards that they offer.

For the first time in quite a while I took a chance a the vip gyro. It was a pretty bad draft ngl, the only strong creature that I had was a level 27 indricoceros, the rest were between a marsupial lion level 39 and an archaeophicyon level 11.

After 5 close battles I managed to scrape the win and for my efforts I received a pelicanipteryx. So I spent 250 db and some time to receive something that I can obtain in the TH for coin. Meh.

Yes there are rare hybrids within the packs but the chances of getting one of those far outway the cost, time and effort against other areas of the game.

I really do enjoy the gyrospheres and the strategy of selecting through a draft of creatures while trying to preserve your creatures, it does add substance to the game, but with the point I and so many others here have reached the common hybrids are just not worth it, especially as the battles are not easy either.

I really dont mind spending extra bucks for a better reward, this rare only one that we have coming up I will be playing a fair bit even if the cost is 500 db and the difficulty is quite fair, unlike a certain one we know… (cough cough indom gryo).

So if I could make a suggestion that we can have more upcoming gyro events that are worthwhile for the prize. Targeted at your whole audience, make ones for super rare hybrids for 1k DB.

Again the cost isnt the issue for me if it turns out to be fun, I cant speak for everyone here but I would like some more variety in the gyros in future that’s for sure.


Also fix the balance of the RNG dino picks, because it’s flat out stupid picking something with 4.4k hp and 1k attack when your other options are one at 2k hp 500 atk and the 3rd option being 1.5k hp 300 atk.

That’s stupid.

Change it so you get 4 options (or 3 for Ceno and Aquatic Gyros) with each class as an option and are all similar in ferocity. That way you pick between tanky, balanced, glass cannons, and dino class when picking a roster. Not picking “the most powerful of all the options” and ending up with 4 or 5 of the same class, simply because the RNG choices were BS.

That’s what I want changed wayyy before the rewards or cost.


That rare gyrosphere, is 100 DB, the indom one is 1000, there has been one in the past for SRs, IIRC it was 1500, and normal gyrospheres for VIP and non-VIP are both 250.


Hear hear man

These need to change

  1. More than 5 in a team
    5 just aren’t enough and unless you’re having at least 3 hybrids in your team half of it is defeated before round 3
  2. Better rewards
    The old draft battles had like 30 packs winnable when they were introduced. The only good geward in gyrospheres is the indominus pack and you need 1k dollars to play