The hardest decision I had to make so far

I just leveled Rexy from 15 to 20 in one go, the amount of coins lost was hard for me to take but at least it’s ready for Tryko.


Congrats, im still savin mine for erlidom

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I only managed to get the required DNA thanks to the repeated T-Rex attempts we had for pretty much every weekend during the movie celebration event.

Yup take advantage of it til theyre still handin it out like candy

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Its worth it, I unlocked Tryko last week and its great!


If it wasn’t for Sanctuaries, I wouldn’t be confident enough to have done it because of the lack of Ankylosaurus.

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Change that title to “the best decision I had to make so far” :wink:


Good thing you saved for Erlidominis. Now that we know it lost its advantages you can use the DNA for something else.

I noticed the wild T-rex spaws have increased since 1.8 start.

Congratulations! Trykosaurus is awesome. I use her a lot for strike towers. The priority moves (she has two) come in really handy. I still like taking out my level 20 T-Rex for strike towers and friendly battles. :t_rex::+1:

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Sanctuaries are a big help, they’re the reason I’ve finally created Erlidominus today. No more waiting till the next event for that final fuse.