The hardest moment playing this game

My last days in the game

Friday the 26th: wanting to know what the epic challenge will consist of
Saturday 27 in the morning: I read in the forum where the challenge will be, really difficult.
Saturday 27 in the afternoon: More than 2 hours with excel writing down combinations that can give me opportunities. I still have no clear team beyond the Stegodeus of 24 and the Monomimus of 19. I value the option of using the bleeding of my Spinotahraptor (19), the cancellation of the Monostegotops (16), the speed and impact of the Pyrritator, the strength of Tragodistis (23) or Stegoceratops (22), the great damage of my gorgosuchus (21) or my Tryostonix (19) … I appreciate if it makes sense to evolve my suchotator (in 10 but evolvable to 18) …
Sunday 28 morning: two hours reading the results of other players in the forum, it seems that suchotator bleeding works but perhaps better my spinotahraptor. I have little left for my Stegodeus to go from 24 to 25, I go out to look for Stegosaurus.
Sunday 28, noon: My team is decided, I think I have good chances of victory if the boot is not very smart. I have thought about my reactions to all his possible movements.
Sunday 28, afternoon: I go out to perform the challenge … and I see that all the yellow towers have disappeared, the challenge is not for the whole weekend as I thought if not just for Saturday.


Well, it’s just a game, I guess :slight_smile:

Oh no :frowning:

Ouch! :grimacing: my advice:
Do less :slight_smile:

Oh man, i feel sorry foe you! All that preparation! It almost happened to me too in last weeks eoic incubator: i thought it would be for atleast 2 days. I opened the strike on sunday when i was driving and passed one…then i saw it still had 5 min left! I immidiately stopped the car and battled.

Ouch, that sucks man.

It is clear that the fault was solely mine, but I think it would be good if these events were at least two days because it can be problematic in special situations (illness, flights, etc).