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The Herd Mechanic

Hello, and this is the document will explain the herd mechanic and everything it brings with it.

Before we start, i need to tell you that everything in categories and subcategories to make finding info easier, also we will start from darting, to stats menu, then pvp and anything else in between, i really like this idea and i’m sure others will like it too, this took a few days, but in the end, i hope you will enjoy


Imagine this, you’re just a casual JWA player, you’re in a good alliance with an awesome discord, and today is the second day of a new update (you couldn’t find any new creature when it dropped) and you have higher hopes today. Lucky for you, you find a new creature, but something is off, you never check the patch notes on the forums and only know about update from an alliance member. But in front your very eyes are five of the same creature, the middle one looking somewhat different and bigger, but you don’t notice cause your so hype up to dart it. You immediately press the dart button and the darting begins. You see the target on the middle one causing you to believe it is a new flock creature and use the first dart and the others run away as only the middle one is left. You continue darting until it’s over, and to make you even more lucky, you get enough DNA to unlock it on your first try. But before you go create this new “flock” creature, you check your Dodo cause you want to see 5 of them, but even more things are off, the card pic for dodo didn’t change and there are still three dodo. Now even more curious, you slide down the screen and see the create text on the new creature, your curiosity peaks and you click on the picture, you see five holograms, the middle one still being the biggest, and then you click on the create button without any hesitation.


Now you’re just confused, two different stats? Herd members? Well don’t worry cause I’m here to explain the stats.

Herd Alpha And Its Stats

Meet the Herd Alpha, the leader and commander of the herd. The herd alpha is the strongest member of the herd, so its stats and size are larger than the herd members. On the alpha side of the stats, you will see health, attack, speed, armor, and crit chance. You will see its resistances and the herd’s moveset (these will be explained later in the docs), also the spawn location, description, and hybrids.

Herd Member And Their Stats

Meet the Herd Members, they can be called into battle by the Herd Alpha through calling moves. Herd Members have health, attack, armor, and crit chance. Herd Members share the speed stat with the herd Alpha, meaning they both have the same speed stat but you can only see it on the alpha’s side. Herd Members also have resistances.


You now want to see how it works in battle, but you don’t know how it abilities work, let me explain.

Resistances And Herb Absorb

Time to talk about resistances, the Herd Alpha and Herd Members have different resistances. The Alpha will always have more and stronger resistances than the members. But why do they have different resistances you ask? Let me explain Herd Absorb first. Everytime you use a move / passive with the calling effect, you gain a herd member. There is a maximum of 4 members, numbered from 1 to 4. Herd Absorb and Flock Absorb have some things in common, like the fact that non group attack can only take out a maximum of 1 flock/herd member, but group are a little bit different, since herd members and herd alpha don’t share one health bar, group attacks will damage all of them separately. Now let’s get back to resistances, if the opposing creature uses a non group attack move, it will target the highest number herd member unless there is alpha taunt (i will explain later). If there are no herd members, it will attack the alpha. Since each member and the alpha have separate health bars, side effects will only affect the targeted member/the alpha for example, CS (cunning strike) will attack the highest numbered member, which in this example will be number 4. Only number 4 will receive the effects of the move, however if this were RGD (restricted group distraction), which is a group attack and has an effect that targets all opponents, it will attack and apply the effects to everyone in the herd. Lasty, when speed decrease targets a member and not the alpha, it does nothing, and when a member or the alpha is hit with a rend attack, the rend damage is only based on there total hp.

Calling Moves

Calling moves are how you get new herd members, calling moves will summon a new herd member and have a secondary effect to protect them. Calling moves will always have a cooldown of one or two to prevent spam.

Member Moves

Member Moves are moves that require at least one herd member to be used. If the move does damage, it will use that specific member’s attack stat. Lastly, if you have more than one member, you can choose which member will do the attack.

Herd Moves

When you have at least 3 herd members, you can use a herd move. The damage of a herd move is the total sum of the attack stats from each current herd member and the herd alpha

Other Things

There are some other things that we need to go over before we reach the end. First, leveling, health boosts, and attack boost will increase the health and attack of herd alpha and members ( the stats increase amount for the alpha will always be greater than the members). Since the herd members share the speed stat with the herd alpha, increasing the speed stat with speed boosts basically increases the of the entire herd.

Some moves or passives might have alpha taunt, meaning any non-group attack will target the alpha instead of the highest numbered herd member. Alpha taunt is risky, even though the herd alpha has more health then the herd members, which allow it tank a hit that could possibly take out a herd member. The risk is that if the herd alpha gets taken down, the herd disperses and your opponent gets a takedown. Every time you swap in or out a herd creature while you have herd members, it will reset the herd members, meaning everytime you swap in a herd creature, only the herd alpha will show up. The only time you can gain a herd member from swapping (either you or your opponent) is if the herd creature has the swap in or on escape passives with the calling effect.

This is the end, thank you reading this and i hope you like this idea too, if you anything doesn’t make sense, you think something can be improve, something missing, or you also like the idea and want to talk about it with me, my discord is PestyPotato#2340

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I thought you were talking about the flock mechanic and I was like “What?”. But I kind of like this idea. However, I do think that 2 different stat number are rather unnecessary on the same creature. Though maybe with herds it could be the more lost, the more Damage the others do? Kinda of as an active revenge.

finally someone replyed! the herd mechanic is kinda meant to be more complex but understandable adaption of flocks (sry if im using words like if im a scienist), so first about the health bars, herds are like flocks, there all the same species, the herd alpha and each herd members have separate health cause i want it to be more complex, and group attack are still good dealing with them, don’t worry cause i did think of a way for a herd to kinda share one health bars but i prefere mutiple health bars, lasty i think the member revenge idea is very cool

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