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The Hidden Beasts

So I was wondering if there were an creatures that, If boosted right an with the right synergy, that could be a beast. Examples of these creatures include secodonto, M Lion, Rex, and even Erlikogamma

Are there any others that have this potential?

Indo gen 2

Marsupial lion max health 10 speed would be a killer.

I meant creatures that don’t look meta relevant at first glance, like @Idgt902 ‘s secodonto

One I think could do that would be mammoth

There is someone out there in Aviary with a crazy Mammoth, I think someone has a screenshot of it too.

With a lot of boost, sarcorixis is completely broken

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Don’t underestimate this thing. In that note, is Dan on here or anyone have contact with him? Haha


Anything can be overpowered if you try hard enough

Gorgosuchus, Ornithomimus

Many creatures at maximum boosts can be wild beasts. One of them is Tryostonix.

Without going any further, we all know that Thor in lower arenas is King. I normally live between 5800 and 6000 and I don’t usually face megaboosted Thor, but when I go down to 5600 I find them and they can destroy my entire team if I don’t have the right counter.

Yessir. That thing would look at one of those max hp grypolyths and say “pathetic”

Cough Mirigia cough cough.

Nervous laughter


I thought ophiacodon could be it of, but the lack of dsr is what really turned it away from me

My baby ophiacodon is waiting to rise from the shadows. :smiling_imp: lol

for me a hidden beast that I use is dsungia,she can be an actual beast if upgrade her. she sometimes can counter beasts like indo g2 and other speedy creatures

I faced one in the past tournament (level 26 and boosted) managed to KO my whole team, In fact I was willing to level + boost her.