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The Highest Amount of Damage you can do in Jurassic World: Alive

Yeah, I’m just going to calculate the highest amount of damage you can do in this game.

1st: What creature are we using?

We will be using an Erlidominus. Why aren’t we using a Mortem Rex? Well, it’s because Erlidom has Cloak, which makes Erlidom’s effective attack 3000, and then 4500 on revenge, which is more than Mortem can do in even a rampage.

Obviously this Erlidom will have a Maxed attack stat and be Lvl 30.

2nd: Where will this happen?

In a raid, because we get three extra creatures at our disposal. These will all be Tryo’s, Irri’s and Bary’s.

3rd: Extra conditions:


  • No distractions
  • Triple attack buffed


  • No dodge
  • No Cloak
  • No Shields
  • No Armor

Let’s begin.

Try, Irri and Bary all boost everyone’s attack. One of them dies and Erlidom goes for Revenge Cloak, getting 3 1.5x boosts and a 3x boost from the revenge cloak.

Next: Erlidom goes for rampage, and it gets a crit. Crits are factored in last so I will do that.

With the 3 1.5x boosts, Erlidom’s attack is now Nine-Thousand Two-Hundred and twenty seven (9227). It’s base attack is 2734.

Will the Rampage Modifier, The attack does Eighteen-Thousand Four-Hundred and Fifty-Four (18,454) damage.

With the Revenge Cloak modifier, that number gets boosted to Fifty-Five-Thousand Three-Hundred Sixty Three (55,363) damage.

With the Critical multiplier of 1.25, that becomes Sixty-Nine-(Nice) Thousand Two-Hundred and Four (69, 204) Damage.

If, by some form of miracle, you are able to make the boos Vulnerable, then this number skyrockets to One-Hundred-and-Three-Thousand Eight-Hundred and Six (103, 806) Damage.

So there you have it. The highest amount of damage you can do is 69,000 damage (Nice). With some divine intervention that grans your enemy vulnerable, that damage becomes an absolutely monstrous 103,000 damage.


Oh my god

marsupial lion and tator cat and allo gen 2


what if opponent boss and 2 minions go for mutual fury?


That would be impossible. I’m counting stuff as if it were possible in-game.

What about thylacotator and rend on hadros lux?

If we consider a real boss, then it would be triple Irri plus Max attack Erlidom against Mortem.

Max attack erlidom is 2734 plus +150% from 3 RTC’s for + 150%

One irri dies, the other 2 up the multiplier to +250% + Erlidom’s x3 attack multiplier from Cloak.

Erlidom drops rampage for a base 5468 + 250% (*2.5) for 13670 plus the revenge cloak multiplier for 41,280 plus the critical multiplier which yields 51,600 as the highest possible damage, enough to one shot any boss in
the game (barring the round rule).

I also should point out that it’s impossible to hit 9227 from 2734 since the buffs stack BEFORE they get added to the attack stat, and aren’t applied one at a time.

Thylo with triple irri only hits for 30k against Lux, because of the 80% rend resist gutting what would be over a 150k hit

why would it not be possible, also you literally said “if the opponent with some divine interventions becomes vulnerable” that is truly impossible

What about crit and vulnerable?

what about thyla?
she can do 50k only with 2 irri in the second turn?
in hadros raid

In normal game, pretty high damage move and one in the realm of possibility would be that an Indom comes in, does revenge cloak, and something does mutual fury

With Crit and vulnerable you get about 47k

Here’s Thylo with triple irri

If we include Crit, it would be 37,604 damage, enough to OHKO a round.

fell the CAT POWER
there only was 2 irri only the seund turn