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The History of Jurassic World Alive/My history with JWA

Dear Ludia; Management and Developers
We love Jurassic World Alive, even though this game some/a lot of times makes us angry, upset, or like smashing our phones. It’s a great idea! Jurassic Park/World is a wonderful franchise, Dinosaurs are awesome and appealing to a lot of people People and ages, Jurassic World Alive has a great foundation to make it amazing.

Let’s go back to when I first saw the original trailer.

  • March 2018, I absolutely couldn’t wait, I thought that combining the amazing AR experience of Pokemon Go with Dinosaurs was THE BEST IDEA, EVER! I was surprised when it entered beta testing a month later, that’s early for most big games like this should’ve been, but I was excited none the less. When it finally was released globally I jumped to play immediately, and was slightly disappointed with the the overworld graphics, (the map and sky are very lame IMO)but that’s a tiny thing that didn’t matter, I had a blast hunting for all of the Dinosaur species from my starter Velociraptor to the almost nonexistent Pyroraptor. The arena had some early game ( or I thought they where early game flaws anyways) flaws, the Dino’s weren’t all appropriately balanced, ( Rapter meta was fun IMAO but I understood that they where OP) it was amazing just creating a new Dinosaur and poping it in my team and screwing around figuring out how it worked. I understand that that would be hard to do now but sure was fun then, playing with WHATEVER you wanted, (except Suchatator, boy was he bad lol). I had fun even reading through the MetaHub articles (GamePress). The game progressed and I unlocked Indomimus Rex and Stegodeus while on vocation, (we traveled to Nashville from Ohio, totally not because of the Pokemon WORLDs tournament) I even named my Indomimus “Predator" and Stego “Titan". I was even 498th for a second in the Tournament was running at the time while we traveled home lol (these where the days when Monomimus was good, a lot too good if you asked Legomin). I remember watching the leaderboard to see if Relentless’s Monomimus was still in the lead.

  • August 2018 we got Pterosaurs, that was a fun update, but imo it’s when Ludias quality started dropping off. I loved (still do) seeing a Pterosaur fly above the Overworld, the graphics are beautiful! The introduction of Swap In rampage was a terrible start to the downfall of the game. Even though Saint Patrick’s day upset the entire arena, we loved it! My entire family had a blast darting our uniqes, we added 4 Erliodominus to 4/5 accounts, with some bonus tryko DNA for me.-------
    ----We fast forward to my birthday April 19 when we got the release notes for 1.6, the introduction of ProceWrathomimus the only drawbacks where the second nerf of Monomimus and a noticable nerf to Indoraptor. It was the best update IMAO that we’d had in a while. We then had 1.7, the absolute worst update in the history of gaming. We not only got Furry trash, but we got Boosts. Reading the release notes I wasn’t against boosts, I wasn’t sure what I thought, then Monday-Tuesday depending of weather you where on Android it IOS we found out that boosts where the biggest failure of mobile gaming. I nearly quit, I was suffering through Mom and Dad’s divorce, and the game was just a maddening thing. I just left for a month, because I missed my alliance and I came back refreshed and had fun again.

  • We eventually get to where we are now. I’m back to playing mainly for my Alliance, the game is losing our intrest, the arena is uninterested, we only battle to try for the best rewards. I’m holding on to hope because I’ve seen a lot of people saying the same thing, they only battle for the rewards not because it’s fun, and because it’s a great game it isn’t Worth giving up on, I’m hoping 1.11 is the update we need.

So now You are starting to communicate, especially if you are thinking about making big changes, you are taking a more visual actions to show your care about our opinions, you are working on making a change to the arena that we all will love. :face_with_monocle:

Update 1.11

Hello DPG members!
We have taken your opinions and fears to heart in this update and we are happy to announce we have removed all versions of Swap In Rampage from the code! We have listened to your ideas and made some major alustments to improve the enjoyment and longevity of the arena; balance and creatures.etc.


Thanks for sharing this with us, Procerathomonomimus. :slight_smile:

In your opinion, what changes would you like to see made to the Arena or the game, for it to be more interesting for you again? I would love to hear your ideas.


If I can jump in here. Posted today one suggestion for boosts. I think that boosts rework was good just cost of boosts neede for tier is too high. Speed is still problematic as chompers can outrun speedsters that should be their counters.

Speed boost should give +1 additional speed each tier. This way chompers like Thor wouldn’t be faster than speedsters. Speedsters would be more useful, as it wouldn’t need much speed, so more boosts for health and attack.
Boost cost should be 25 for tiers 1-5, 50 from 6-15 and 100 from 16-20. This way everybody can boost few tiers and last tiers will make players think if they are worth the cost. This way arena will be more balanced and matchmaking at least little better.


Swap in Rampage removed

  • SI Rampage makes glass cannons next to worthless; It’s nearly impossible to use Spinonyx.
  • it is an uncounterable mechanic that makes arena battles unfun and it’s just an unfair machanic! Piriod

Machmaking reworked with community voting/input
Why ?

  • My team has 2 level 25s and 1 level 24, the rest are 22-20 yet I’m at the the power cut off of the trophy system. At 5000 trophies I’m at the floor of skill only matchmaking. This is ridiculous, you shouldn’t be getting matched against the top players. I’m not a top player.
  • What this system is doing is penalizing us for going out and collecting DNA and resources and levelling up our team. In other words penalizes us for playing the game.

Creature rebalancing

  • Balance is the key to fair, fun arena play. We want Real balance, not whatever Rat, boosted Thor, Maxima, Procerathomimus and the rest of OPs are supposed to be.

Viable variance

  • The more varying the pool of viable creatures is the more diverse the arena and our teams will be, making the arenas more fun. This means All uniqes would be very powerful at the endgame stage and All legendaries should be pretty viable in the arenas, Epics should be a little less viable but still viable, etc.

That’s a pretty good start. Thanks for your work, involvement, and interest in the community!!!


This is a pretty good summary of how i have been feeling about the game as well.

Thankfully for me… the proximity spawns have fixed alot of the damage to the ar portion of the game that the 1.5 spawn changes hurt. So thats what ive been doing.


Thor is not OP. Boosts make it OP, but that applies to everything.


It’s funny how boosts make this hybrid OP but not the others. You could almost argue the months of Sino alliance missions made it OP, but while that goes into the overpoweredness of Thor, it’s not the problem.Thor can wipe out 3 Dino’s even when it’s levels lower than rest of team. Thor is has OP stats, boost amplify them. If it was simply boost, we would be hearing about a lot of other Dino’s being OP, but nope just Thor.


Agree with the bullet/bolded points. Much could be gained by actual action here @Ned I would also chime in that the alliance tools need some love!


Honestly this is perfect and what all of us have wanted for a while I have two lvl 24’s and the rest are 19-22 but I face lvl 25-29 which super unfair. As regarded to the hybrid and dino rarity I think you right unqiues should be “the best and most diverse” but they shouldn’t be the only one we can use some epics have some good kits that can beat uniques(thylo, pura sacro, bronto, Eddie) but can’t beat others. Legendary can be the middle ground for both as they aren’t the best but some ( doesn’t mean all) can be better than epics or uniques. [carno,carbo, monomumis, monostego, trago,stegogod.] we should have more diversity and choose how we want to play and which creatures we can use. If I want to use an regular epic or epic hybrid I should but it also shouldn’t be in the same league as a legendary or unique there should be draw back minor if that like say with carbo bs carboceratops. On one had carbo is easy and be cheaper to make than fusing and waiting, but it has one draw back and it that it doesn’t have the distraction it’s hybrid has and it can’t survive as long but it doesn’t mean it garbage either.

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And as someone who has a super odd team I mean look at this

It works but if I’m running this it shouldn’t mean I should face against someone with pure lvl 27 unqiues - although I have defeated some Opponents that in the past - we should be at least paired with people close to our current deck lvl not over team lvl. Say I draw Thor, raptor, rachius and stego. I should fight someone with dinos lvls around no more than 26 and no less that 22 to make it fair for both parties but what seems to happen is that the matchmaking does is looks at ur trophies and ur team in total not the team you’ve been given which if so is a big flaw. So ya were not asking much we just want to have fun again so we can play longer and seem like we progress in the game instead we must do battle just to get incubator to get dna and done. So @Ned pls tell the team to think about what there gonna do next and if it’s true good or bad for the game

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They do make other things OP though. People complain so much about tryko, indoraptor, Orion, Erlidom, rinex, etc. because they’re overboosted. This is not a thor problem. Don’t nerf an already bad unique because people like to boost it into oblivion. It isn’t fair.

It’s stats aren’t even that good. Thor has pitiful chomper health, great attack, bad speed, and a very restrictive kit. Distractors utterly shut it down. What arena are you in? I feel like Thor is way more defining in lower arenas than library and above.

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I’m in library, and I’m facing Thors that rip through everything. My team

I have team unboosted team, average around 26 (lowest 23, highest 29). So if you come into Library with your team, its right that you are matched with team like mine, as you are on your peak. Boosts also play huge part. Boosts allow players to rise above its team normal reach. Though matchmaking is still weird sometimes, but I doubt that can be made fair for everyone. Why? We play differently, progress differently. Some has more balanced team, others with some high level dinos.

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No wonder. All of your thor counters are drastically underleveled for library standards.

Well it might be the area he/ she lives in or ludia has screwed us with the weeks