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The honeymoon phase is over, and the writing is on the wall

2.0 dropped around a month ago, and completely changed the game. Woo hoo, the game is saved, Ludia cares about the game again, all is right in the world, right? Right?

For those that don’t follow the Youtuber Pokefodder, he reported that two of the largest names in JWA, PK and IDGT have quit. Two frequent leaderboard toppers, and contributors to the community. This is without even mentioning the most popular JWA Youtuber expressing thoughts of quitting as well. These guys have stuck with the game for 2 years and presumably played for hours every single day, while, again, presumably, spending more money than most casual players can comprehend.

The two best players in the world, Ludia’s main source of free exposure via Youtube, and countless casual and hardcore players alike have lost faith in the game, and are out for good. Big eagles and new movesets are cool, but Ludia’s incompetence rears its ugly head once more as the many, many problems with 2.0 begin to surface.

Your move, Ludia.


Ooof. i saw Pokefodder uploaded that vid, but i didn’t get a chance to watch it yet. If people at the top quit, you know its bad. :fearful:

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In other news, Gaming Beaver is back and loving it. Or at least he was when he first beat Mortem.

There is nothing exciting about the game now. The raids were good week one and for those who have beaten Rex such as @qiew they have that sense of pride, but the arena is boring as everyone has the same set of dinos with varying boosts.

What’s the point of introducing more and more creatures that have no use?!

I’m seeing most players moving away in the coming months.

We don’t need nerfs etc. we need a balanced game where if you play rock against paper you lose. If you play boosted rock against paper you might win, but it shouldn’t be guaranteed.

They lost it with boosts and 2.0 is just a cash cow for selling more boosts for the 3 components of the game as far as I can see.


This Unfortunately speaks Volumes about the state of the game…:expressionless:

The frustration level is def higher now with this release. Most of us were expecting the usual tweaks and occasional bug to show up, but a total revamp? Yes some dinos needed nerfed and buffed, but to totally change their offense and def metrics was not the way to go. I’ve almost given up on the arena. Constantly timing out, pink screen of death and maybe one actual battle out of 10 attempts.

Then it’s obvious they have the scoring backwards when you lose -40 when someone much higher defeats you and only gain +20 if you beat someone much higher. And no it wasnt that way before 2.0, at least for me it wasnt.

Who knows, maybe ludia wants to clean out the old blood for fresher money spending new blood. :man_shrugging:

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So, if Ludia wasn’t listening to the community before, that is probably a good time to start listening to the player’s voices.
Dear Ludia, please, fix the arena matchmaking. It’s been a long time since the first arena problems came out and have never been fixed.
Dear Ludia, please, create another arena where boosts are not allowed, boosts are killing this game
Dear Ludia, please, don’t make low level players face legendaries with their commom raptor
Try to keep playing the game, don’t keep ignoring the fact that boosts ruined the game, matchmaking must be fixed, trophies from wins and losses don’t make any sense at all… Please Ludia, keep the Jurassic World Alive ALIVE!!


Honestly this game lost it’s glory the day boosts were added.

While overall I like 2.0 (except for Ardent) there’s still a lot Ludia needs to fix and if they don’t get their act together then the future of this game doesn’t look good.

But I feel like it was inevitable that the pros would quit eventually, when you’re king of the world then what else is there for you to do? You already have the best creatures, you already have mostly everything unlocked. Except for Mortem and PVP there’s nothing else for them to really enjoy.


I’m sure they’ll be replaced by new, fresh faces.


So essentially give free passes to players who game the system?

Legendaries in lower arenas will happen when Ludia keeps selling Legendary DNA for insane prices.

I am against Ludia doing any to fix matchmaking or adding new arenas because the game is already buggy enough. I wouldnt want to have to wait hours to get a few battles because matchmaking failed, pink screen of failure, oops wrong matchmade abort… etc…

There are easier fixes than tweaking the arena matchmaking that will solve the CLOG

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I second the notion that the game started to go down when boosts were introduced. Being able to buy boosts and alter the fabric of dinos was a mistake. When you started seeing Thors with 145 speed and now Maximas with 11000 health, something ain’t right and it will NEVER be balanced. Boosts should not have been for sale and should have been either earned or sold on a limited basis. Then once people adjusted, and had built their teams, 2.0 came out and completely changed the landscape. So everyone that built up the 2 Indoraptors are now finding them almost useless. Unless you have a totally immune dino like Magna, the opponent will either decrease your speed, take away your cloak (or both) and then you’re done. There are (guessing) over 200 dinos in this game but all you see in the arena is some mix of Tryk, Thor, Maxima, Magna, Raja, Gemini, and the Indoraptors, boosted to varying degrees. What’s the point of having such a huge selection and then making most of them useless? The arena has turned into “whoever has the most boosted Maxima or Tryk wins” and less about strategy.


I don’t think they can ever be “replaced” and I know I will personally miss them. But I also know others will rise and become the leaders and hopefully the inspiration for other players as IDGT and Kat were for many others :heart:.


This is a bummer. 2 of the best people in the game. Just in general. I remember as a young chap asking them many questions and they would never hesitate to help.

JWA needs more people like them. Not less.


Couldn’t say it better. Hopefully this is the punch ludia needed to wake up from their slumber since 1.6


Well here’s hoping IDGT and Kat at least keep in touch

Ahh, so they prob got bored catching the same zoned dinos again like me.
I’m still not ok with that. For a year we caught the same creatures. Finally an update that gave us new zones and dinos. Best two weeks of catching i had experienced in a long time. Then OOPS we accidentally switched the zones. Guess your stuck with these creatures AGAIN for another month. How lame


TBH, since the update, I’ve been bored and am thinking about quitting.


At least a book can be written on how to destroy great things in two years or less

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Everybody will get bored of this at some point. I’m hoping they don’t go 3 months before adding new raid creatures of different levels. I remember when they had the same alliance mission rewards for like 4 months or something. I still have loads of Sino and Concave DNA from that.


My guess is the Epic, Legend and Unique will be changed in 2.1. It would be a slap in the face for players if they changed out Mortem in a month’s time. Or even in 2.1


The issue before was defense shattering being too common and the main creatures that have it basically being immune to everything that counted (and having cleanse) which lead to high use of evasion. Which was then wrecked by indo gen2. They fixed all that, but addressed the wrong problems. Now evasion/cloak is overcompensated for and the main issue - exceedingly powerful defense shattering creature remains the main issue. Instead of having one indo gen 2 issue, we have multiple.

An interesting game involves strategy. Play and counter play. There is no counterplay to a creature that just dominates everything else. And there will come a point where the max level, optimal boosts arrangement will be worked out on them and then every fight will be practically identical and come down purely to chance.

A game design quote comes to mind: “If there is a best choice, then there is no choice”