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The honeymoon phase is over, and the writing is on the wall

Can’t really have that without nerfing some creatures first.


God I am so tired of fighting Maximas at level 24/26 with overly boosted health at 8000+ . It’ drags the matches in so long and it’s pretty boring.


and thats why i dont have boosts till now, havent boosted any of my creatures yet, well I also dont know what to boost.

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After each creature update (nerfs/buffs) there should be a boost refund, because you investing in something that is suposed to be a “working” creature in your team with its actual moveset. If they buff/nerf/change creatures constantly…what is the point of boosting then? I know…to buy more boosts. Ok get that. But they are doing money anyway. If they would refund boosts everytime at least it would be fair and there will be less complains. The best thing would be remove boost from the game but that would be problematic at this courrent state of the game


But they’ve proven that they can’t do that. They listen to complaints about 1 or 2 dinos but then bring in a new one (or non Dino such as the Eagles!!!) but don’t address the gap they created by nerfing the Dino being complained about.

A few weeks later we have another OP Dino which is then boosted by everyone.

They need to redesign the whole thing so that a creature from group A can beat group B but not group C. Etc. Or at the very least it can but it takes skill and strategy - not 40 extra speed 3000 extra HP and 500 extra attack.

I am sooooo bored of just seeing, Max, Magna, Tryko and Thor for every battle and yes I have them on my own team. I still refuse to use the Rat but I’m seeing more of them coming in now too.

Playing PvP is a chore (crashes aside!) and the reward isn’t that great. It’s a major part of the game and it is stale.

I can probably predict 90/100 what creature my opponent will bring out next.

Why have a Dino deck when it’s the same 8 - 12 being used all the time?


I’ll miss them for sure, just like @Marktheshark .

But 2.0 actually is better than 1.14. Much, much better


This! Exactly this! But they seem not to understand (or probably they don’t want to).
But the fact that the best 2 players in the world left RIGHT AFTER the biggest update in 2 years says a lot about the state of the game

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They haven’t proven anything. Nerfing works. Apparently Ludia just doesn’t know how. They seem to not be able to stop themselves from buffing random creatures into OPness each update.


More than not being able i think this “OP creature of the patch” thing is totally intentional and made on purpose, so people every patch has to invest resources in something different to remain competitive, because it’s like this since launch.
Imo they should playtest their game a lot more before releasing things. Cause raids are great, but arena sucks right now


Honestly the pvp system really needs to be changed. I’m still stuck at the first arena because people with higher level creatures are purposely losing to stay in the arena and I just keep encountering them. Ludia please do something about this!!!

If the pleas of the top 2 dun matter than what can we the normal.players do?

The problem with JWA is the players. Ludia doesnt wanna deal with the jerks in the game by making their life difficult and hurting the innocent.

The biggest issue with JWA is arena. Everything else works to an extent and isnt plagued by bad actors trying to mess with weaker players.


Arena has been garbage since boosts came about. The whole boost thing needs to be gone (it won’t). At least needs to be reworked. Boosts just give way too much. Speed boosts shouldn’t exist at all. Hp and attack should only equal a level or 2 when fully boosted. Also I believe boosts should only be able to be applied once a Dino is level 30


I agree, @DinoThunder, we need a second arena with NO boosts. I get that you can’t remove boosts because people spent money for them, but you can easily add a second PvP ladder.


I like the idea of the changes in 2.0 getting back to rock, paper scissors strategy.

But in the same stroke, they broke it by giving single dinos movesets that allow removing both shields and cliak/dodge (e.g. Ardentis, Tryko, etc).

Tryko would be more balanced if he either

  • did not have resilient (so he could be countered by either distraction or dodge);
  • or could not remove shields, thereby allowing tanks to counter.

Ardentis has the same issue.

  • Replace his Resilient strike with Fierce strike.
  • Or don’t allow him to break shields (making grypolyth an effective counter).
  • Also, make him vulnerable to stun so you can have a hope of swapping someone in without them being destroyed before they can get a hit.

2 of the best players quit? Or two players who spent the most money quit?


Two of the best, most skilled, most strategic, most impactful, most helpful, most respected players in the game and community. You would do well to bear their legacy and ability in mind.


Unfortunately boosts aren’t going anywhere. They need a rework badly. Speed should be +1. Attack and health should be equivalent to 1 level per 10 boosts. So max of equal to 2 levels per 20 boosts. They are just way to powerful for what they are and destroy balance.

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You wouldn’t be questioning it if you knew a shred about them and what they’ve done. They helped every single player either directly or indirectly.


2 best. Hands down. Money doesn’t matter if you play hard enough. Jrs been proven time and time again.

The whole “they are only better because I’m f2p” is worn out, and down right untrue. It doesn’t matter how much spend. If you suck, well, guess what? You suck. Plain and simple.


I would most certainly categorize them as the best.
They are no where close to spending the most money.