The hybrid of a superhybrid only legendary?

This just seems wrong. I hope this thing is a monster… I mean, you can dart a legendary, and you can make a unique with only 2 creatures that are on the map, but a legendary that’s fused from a super hybrid? Am I wrong about this?


I don’t see anything wrong about it. May I remind you that we have Legendaries made of 2 commons and a Unique that isn’t a Super Hybrid? There’s no rule of rarity while making these creatures, just what Ludia considers should be easier or harder to get.


2 commons and 2 rares make up 1 legendary?
Sounds really surprising…

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I think its cool, I like the sound of it as well. Its a good thing i have ankylodicurus at level 15 (did i spell that right?)

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But i do have a question, what is preondactylus’ ingredients? And is it out yet? Because i can’t find it in the collection.

Preondactylus is a vanilla creature from the next update.

Preondactylus buffarinii was a small pterosaur from Italy that lived during the late Triassic period, it is not a hybrid. It will be available this Tuesday when the update comes out.


Mega-hybrids technically have no restriction to what kind of rarity it is as long as it is legendary or above

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Troodoboa and albertospinos are the same way.

I’ve been stocking up myself

It’s all because Ludia is greedy now. They broke their old rule since albertospinus, i wouldn’t supprise if they make a hybrid from this creature

They are uniques, not legendaries

Oh I thought you just meant this new style breed.

Where’d you get that info? Ludia hasn’t said a word about it since they first did this as well as other changes

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Like the mega hybrid thing?

Yeah. Where was it confirmed?

I think he was referring to what JWA Toolbox refer to these new hybrids as. However, Ludia did officially state that they are just Super-Hybrids within Albertospinos description, so I suppose no new name for them even if they involve way more DNA types to collect more of their DNA.

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Well super hybrids have to be epic or above in order for them to work, and since that happens, I assume that it has to be legendary or above

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Do we know the rarity of the pterodactyl yet?

It’s all in the patch notes, Preondactylus is a rare.