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The 'I just darted a Wooly Mammoth!' tracker

Since we have no clue on how long they’re going to be in the wild, decided it would be wise to start a thread people can update when they see a Manny. That way, we can have some idea of whether it’s worth running Epic scents/spending more time exploring! @Evicton said he saw one today, so I think we good until at least tomorrow’s reset.

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I saw a Woolly Mammoth…in my alliance sanctuary! :joy::joy:


I saw one on Tuesday evening and that has been it outside of my Alliance

I saw my first Manny today, in a park :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw one today

I saw one on the day of the update by a ballpark and my second today in a residential area. Couldn’t get the 2 Manny.

Saw 1 along a major road, L2 I believe

Haven’t seen it but excited to see it

Saw them at least 2 a day when they came out up until Saturday and Sunday. I saw 1 Saturday nine Sunday but my girlfriend found 2 yesterday on Sunday. Today I haven’t seen any.

Scented one today

Just seen one right now. I’m tucked up in bed and its about 2 foot beyond my drone range. I really do think the game does this on purpose. :cry:


Oh id be getting out of bed for that one… i walked out of my house last winter in the snow at 2am to get a sino…


I just unlocked the Woolly Mammoth. I got one on the way to work, zone 3, last week and then another today on the way home, zone 2. I’ve seen and missed a couple as they pop up while driving and can’t grab them quick enough. I put it in the sanctuary for my alliance.

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I’d get out of bed lol!

Last week my girlfriend and I were playing. We drove past a closed cemetery because it was after hours probably 7:30-8pm it was dark.

Anyways, my girl saw a mammoth in there! I pulled to the front gate. Took her phone and mine and took off running in the dark cemetery lol!!! I got it on both our phones.

I was beat after that. It was a decent run and needless to say I ran the whole way. Was out of breath and all. I’m not used to that running anymore.

That same night we drove past our park that Ludia doesn’t consider a park. Behind one of the baseball fields there was a brachiosaurus. So I did the same thing, parked at the gate, grabbed her phone, took off running in the dark, and got our brachiosaurus lol!

I got cool points that night.

Anyways, on topic. My girlfriend and I just found a mammoth out in the wild. Not in a park or anything.


I saw three today. The first two, I was prevented from darting. Tapped the crap out of the mammoth and nothing. But the third time I did pretty well


I saw one last week, but alas it was impossibly out of range where I couldn’t drive or get to easily.

Found one 2 hours ago. So they are still out there.

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Found 3rd one today, just now. So they are still out there

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Nice… atleast the rest of the day for normal Ludia trends then.

The last time I saw one was on Sunday. There is someone in my alliance that said they just got one out of a scent. :slightly_smiling_face: