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The idea of cenozoic creatures


What´s your opinion on cenozoic creatures in this game?


Really looking forward to patch 1.8, with Homo sapiens going against Jurassic beasts!


Cool, i guess?


Not a fan, but it’s going to happen.
I will adapt and use the best 8 creatures.

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Actully probley in the minority but am quite looking forward to having them in the game.


Should’ve been aquatics. I wonder if that ammonite shell leak was legit?

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I don’t like it in a jurassic park/world environment. There are enough dinosaurs + hybrids left to add to don’t need mammals.

That being said, once they will be out, I’ll rank them in the new meta and I’ll create the ones I’ll need for my team to be the best, purely based on stats.
As I would do with every other dinosaur or pterosaur :slightly_smiling_face:


I still think Godzilla would’ve been cooler and more realistic for a Jurassic Park environment.

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When it comes, I’m going.
I dont like cenezoics.
Ludia has put their players to their last straws, and they just want their players to leave.
I’m done.

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don’t be afraid of the cenozoic creatures @Baryonyx. Ludia knowing, they will banish them to the shadowrealm (parks).

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I’ll put up a good fight before I leave! :joy:




Bye, Baryonx. It was nice knowing you.


I’m not interested in them. Should have stuck with just prehistoric reptiles as that is what the franchise is actually built upon but they are here. I’ll collect them but I won’t bother leveling them, creating any hybrids or playing with them.


When I first see Ice Age announcement: NOOOOO!!!
Smilodon picture: K, this is pretty cool. Maybe I can warm up to them. Just keep the cool ones coming, let me get used to this gradually…
Looking through Cenozoics in patch notes: Meh… Meh… Meh… Only five of them. Nothing legendary or higher. Maybe I won’t see much of them anyway. Cool mechanics, though. This may not be so bad…
New dinosaur hybrids: :smiley: :joy: :rofl: :heart_eyes:


Goodbye in advance of v.1.7 @Baryonyx

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Game has jumped the shark.

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Logically speaking these creatures aren’t any more out of place than the synapsids (Dimetrodon, Secodontosaurus, Ophiacodon etc.) Smilodon is actually more closely related to the snapsids than the synapsids are to the dinosaurs (synapsids are also more closely related to us than to dinosaurs). Not to mention that the Cenozoic is closer in time to the Cretaceous than the point of the Permian when the synapsids actually lived is to the Jurassic.

So basically, it’s always been ‘Prehistoric World.’ Although I do wish they’d used a more scientific name than ‘Marsupial Lion’


It’s new creatures so I’m hype but now that I think about it getting to enjoy the pain of folks claiming this update jumped the Megalodon is priceless.

My pretend hybrids dinoish animals aren’t as I wanted them to be in my pretend scenario. They can’t seim.

Moar please.