The Imperatosuchus being a fuseable

I mean Imperatosuchus replacing the new Morty raid, that is super annoying for people like me wo need to lvl it or for people wo havent unlocked it. But in the data mines for 2.14 was found that it would be a fuseable apex but it was also found it could be a new raid apex. What we got was a new raid apex, but what if it is both. What if ludia saw that the new fuseable apex where way to grindy and decided they will give the new apexes a few weeks in raid tho get a bit of the grinding of the players. I mean look at this
You cant tell me this doesnt look like Grypholyth+Gigaspikasaurus or Amargacephale. Andvif its not goong to become a fuseable apex i suspect Morty will replace hadros, Hadros will reppace Cera and so on.


Perhaps we get replaced apexes as fuseable apexes


It does say it isn’t the last we will see of the mortem raid so they are possibly just trying to find a way to put mortem back into raids


I’d say Imperatosuchus probably would be a hybrid between Grypolyth and Sarcorixis, maybe Grypolyth and Purutaurus or something.
I want to say that a Croc apex should contain mostly Croc dna but then again Vasilas is a bear fused by mostly deer dna, so no need


“Let’s get a deer, a moose, a turtle, and a triceratops thing and make it into a beer with scaly armor and some weird antlers.”


I’m going on o say ludia is going to start doing raid rotations where after a certain amount of time bosses will take turns being on the map

I kind of think it looks like Antarctovenator + one of the Amargosaurus hybrids.

i think fuseable apexes will be a legendary + a unique so maybe it will be grypo + an legendary ( i heard about scutophicyon , and cause death roll decelerates , i’m more sure of it … )

let’s hope so - my biggest concern is mortem will be like the other retired raids that are only available on rare select weekends once a year.

that was the scuttlebut around the water cooler but like the 6 to 12 percent boost for healing i think it got canned