The "Impossible" battle

Similar to the Infinity battle, but 10% harder. Park Level 99 required. Unlocks after ALL of the day’s events are complete. (Maybe even daily missions too?) Or it could unlock after CoT is completed.

Costs 1 million coins, but you can play more than once a day and the cost increases like buying coin mods. Cost resets with daily events.

Rotates between fish/dino/ceno either by the day or each battle. (Existing game code likely only supports by the day? Each battle would be nice.)

I have mixed feelings on what the prize should be. I sort of want it to be something “different” so I would say the prize is a chance to buy a random tournament dino for 8500DB (or a sliding rate based on the dino/DNA value that the game likely already has built into it). So, the value is you get a chance to buy a card for something you maybe don’t have unlocked. Standard 1 hour buy window like for custom trades so you have a chance to acquire/Buy $$ more DB for the purchase. Since it is random, you might not want to get it, thus you can pay coins to play again for a chance for something you might actually want.


I like that, it would give getting everything done another reason


Good idea, could be a prize wheel with certain prizes like 500db, 1,000 dna, 1,000 lp, clocktowers, legendary packs or a chance of a copy of a tourney creature also (the choice of creatures could rotate each month). (But obv no coin or food prizes)

The entry cost could increase for the amount of times you lose also (not that it would matter im sure alot of us max park level players produce enough coin anyway)

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So modded rewards basically? But the amounts should be sizable. Maybe like VIP packs as well for VIPs?

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Like modded but no useless 40 dna 40 lp or 40 buck prizes

I wouldnt mind if they limited it to once a day and kept the rewards high, rather than low rewards but being able to do it many times.

Otherwise it’s just another pvp

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They said elite wheel was good, I do 8 battles and behold, the almighty 40 dna and lp :man_facepalming:

Please don’t ruin another good idea Ludia, I remember modded giving all the rare hybrids back when the new type came out…

Yep once you receive too many of those useless amounts youl see the only value of modded is to gain sdna.

Farming for any other resources is just not good return on modded as it is for standard.

From the amount of dna and bucks your winning on standard you might aswell fuse for more rajastegas and still be up


I like the idea, might be a bit of reaching for the stars from a players perspective if you are Ludia reading this.

I always like to think about suggestions in terms of what’s in it for Ludia as well, and how does this keep the game balanced.

I like the idea of having basically another infinity battle type event that is unlockable at max level which is different from PvP battles since you get to see what you face.

I like the idea of it rotating the type of creatures that is required which is similar to how the Gyrosphere rotates groups of creatures to be used.

As a player that has all of the tournament creatures unlocked the idea of being able to buy a tournament creature for DB is not enticing at all. But having the possibility of say two different wheels would be cool, one wheel with options to purchase creatures with DB, and a second wheel with pack options like Mystery pack at 75%
Common pack at 12%
Rare pack at 10%
Super Rare pack at 2%
Legendary pack at less than 1%
Century pack at less than less than 1%.

Event cost would be 20,000,000 coins to start and would go up by 20,000,000 each time the event was completed maxing out at 99,999,999 coins or it could go to 100,000,000 making the event only doable 4 times a day since you can’t collect up to that amount of coins.

It needs to be a high cost to allow the ability to not abuse the event with the types of rewards we are talking about.

The question that has to be answered is what’s in it for Ludia, having a high level reward event encourages players to stick around until they reach it (player retention and incentive). The high cost of the event might cause some players to purchase coins if they need them or spend time on the game trying to accumulate the coins needed for the event. I would think (from a non programmer perspective) they could borrow coding from various places within the game and wouldn’t be to much “new” coding.